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  • I think I shoulda put them in a show/hide thing. But idk how to make that and I know you do.
    Wow your post in the RPG thread blew the rest of ours away lol. I like how you did you equipment and stuff. I think i'm gonna copy how you have it set up XD

    Also, do you think I should keep a list of heroes and towns and others on the first post?
    don't worry about the language if they don't understand english
    then they most probably won't be here coz this IS a english forum
    I don't know the exalpha I just know that there is something called the Checkmate alliance and you don't need questionaries just ask away people individual questions coz otherwise you know many people don't answer them okay.well its for you to decide imo
    anyway glad to make acquaintance btw does AS have a gp chat?
    and one more thing about that checkmate
    I know about it as in I have never played chess more then 2 times
    so I know the other Checkmate too.....(hope you are getting me)
    but why did you ask that question?
    no I was talking about tagging meaning making sigs (its another term frequently used by us)
    hehe thanks for telling me about is though coz I was gona make a lot of threads and putt in all my works(good and bads(mainly bad ones lol started making good ones recently))
    but thanks anyway
    taggin ROFL where did i go wrong hehe :D
    hey I was wondering how do I get the tagger first class badge thinggy?
    hehe and thanks for greeting me on the intro
    There have been some major changes with the sections.. But everything's updated now. ^^

    1. SOTM's Entries Thread
    2. SOTM's Discussion Thread

    No problem. Though there servers have been rather slow as of late. Financial problems obviously. Good luck with your uploads.
    lol no problem. You should use once they fix their problems. They allow all image types, most favorable imagehost for me anyway.
    Hi Otaku ^^ Say, I notice you've been using Imageshack to upload your images in the Hentai OVA section. I'm sure you know thats not a good idea as imageshack will delete those pics sooner or later. But I just wanted to know if you were aware of it xD If it's OK, could you add a few screenshots to them as well? o_o Arigato for the uploads you've been doing~
    Happy New Year! :3

    1. Give me thread links, not links to the edit function (it doesn't work your way).
    2. Scroll down and near the bottom you'll see an option to Add/Edit Tags - click that.
    Hey gilgamesh, im sorry to say that under forum rules your threads on Bleach stuff in Music have been deleted. The creator and team are not really into mainstream.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Youmu Konpaku
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