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  • Ham would be easier to cook, but everyone wanted turkey and my new stuffing recipe. I add so much more into my stuffing, that the stuffing outside the turkey is just as moist as the stuffing in the turkey. My sister now calls Christmas dinner crab and turkey, plus a nice bottle of Limoncello and Orangecello. Then homemade rolls, dessert, except homemade caramel, oh the Limoncello and Orangecello make up the dessert. So, good!
    Long day with family and friends. My sister brought cooked crabs soaked in garlic butter; otherwise I cooked tons of food. And then we ate and got completely drunk.
    All in all fun, but completely exhausting. Thank goodness I have the day off tomorrow, and plan on running off the food.
    *unownHGSS tackles Shin

    One more week for you guys for OR/AS. I have to wait another week after that.. :nekopara_dead:
    Well, I only asked in 1 of the 2 distributing stores..So I'll be going to the other one to ask about it =/
    My country is retarded.. :deadsad:

    Today I went to my Game store for the Diancie code. Guess what? Over here you can only get it if you Pre-Order OR/AS, no other way =/
    I guess I'll HAVE to pre-order it..
    Yummy! Thank you.
    I got my Skype working again ^^ Where can I find your name to add? :0
    I'm too simple for this stuff ._.
    Yea I have Skype but I'm having troubles logging in atm.
    Even changed my password and still doesn't work.. =/
    Oh so that's where the Farfetch'd came from xD
    I rarely trade the stuff from NPC unless it's for a dex entry :x
    Thankies Shin ^^

    I gave you a 5IV perfect Modest Swablu with Hyper Voice egg move for the Mega Altaria :3
    I have some more spares if you want any? ^^
    Oh right, Diancie is out in the US and Canada.. Guess we Europeans have to wait the longest as usual..:deadsad:

    Yay! Shin daisuki :nekopara_hug:
    SHIN /me glomps

    Yea I did ^^ Thanks for notifying me about it, would've missed it otherwise :0
    Oh and btw, mind helping me evolve my scyther in pokemon Y? :bigeyes:

    Computer class...sometimes is fun, but the reading is boring. So, most of the time I need to shut everything down; otherwise, I get distracted. (for instance right now)

    RPGs: (there more, but off the top of my's the ones I finished)
    Sword of Mana
    Golden Sun; Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and Dark Dawn
    Breath of Fire II
    Chrono Trigger
    Fire Emblem
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
    Suikoden I and II
    Star Ocean: First Departure
    Brave Story
    Legends of Hero
    Pokemon Crystal

    There are tons I've started, but never finished because I got too busy. Never interested in MMO...what about yourself?
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