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  • Thank you for you go!
    It's giving me problems too.


    * Jezebel reads, writes, and watches Shin sleep. Good night sweet Shin!
    Thank you! I love ramen too.

    Sorry! Obviously, I missed your question. Games, you know about otoge/otome/BL. Before I started playing otome games I was into JRPG, SRPG, ARPG games. Even though I've purchased all the handheld devices, I have small hands which means I'm limited on the types of games I can play, so any button mashing games is out of the question. I can name only two button mashing game I finished was "The World Ends With You" not for the mobile version and the first Mario & Luigi. And even then my hands hurt so much I'd have to take breaks; otherwise, I'd feel like throwing my device(s) across the room. That is also the reason why I like Otome games on the PSP, no button mashing. Unlike most of you guys I don't get or play first person shooter games. Why do you ask?
    :nyanmusu_what: Are those my sister's pantsu?
    She had just done laundry at my place, and was coming back to collect her laundry ... Shin step away from my sister's pantsu.
    It can't be an every night sleeping pattern, so just for tonight.
    Sleep well, and good night.
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