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  • Thank you very much for the compliment. ^^ Your blushing is also enough to make me happy.

    I like writing the English version for Japanese songs mostly anime or Vocaloid. I just want to expand some love for Japanese music into the English speaking world by singing in English instead.

    Hmm... age...
    I like incorporating some human detail in anime drawings... but the big cute eyes are still nice to draw too.

    Commitments..... yep~ It's better to get them done then you can focus on almost anything... Your drawing skills will certainly improve~

    My singing... after some people heard me sing, they requested that I sing again. So, I will try to sing something... I'll try to post it within a week. I'll be sure to let you know.

    Mixing and editing takes time, but it can be enjoyable... So if you want to sing something, pick something that you'll enjoy. If you enjoy singing it, other people will notice and like your singing as well. The same applies for drawing.

    You'll do well. :3
    Hello to you too.

    Checkmate... if I remember correctly, there was something I wanted to download, but it was hidden. You had to join to get it... so I joined. :D

    Stalking~ I like to sing... I used to do some covers for songs, but I stopped because I had more important things to do later on. Drawing is also one of my passions.

    If you have the motivation and heart for it, you can draw or sing just about anything... Yeah... those Japanese songs are very nice to sing.

    Hmm... sure~ I don't mind sharing some songs or pictures... The main problem would be the songs though since I mostly deleted them... the older ones. I have a few left.

    I have one song I uploaded for fun as a little bonus for the Chopsticks Tournament. It's a little old... so the quality might not be too good.

    But here are few drawings~

    I gave up shortly after I tried it for the first time. I tried again just a few weeks ago and could understand how to play the game this time, but once again I quit - this time not because I didn't understand the game mechanisms but because I didn't like them. I would've really appreciated the game if they'd just made it with a standard RPG system. Something like Riviera or Yggdra would do too.

    It's such a waste since the graphics and all the STING vibes were very tempting... I'm just glad I didn't actually buy the game.

    Also, I don't have the PSP, so I haven't played even the Riviera & Yggdra remakes with full voice lol. Neither could I see Arisa's sexyness in GE Burst. You seem to spend most of your time having fun except for the researching part though lol. You still in school? Or college/uni? Or a working adult even?

    And don't worry about that; diverting topics are all right if done properly~ Of course, feel free to add me too.
    Even the WWF people took a bear as their logo.
    Must have been after they saw us animal friendly people with our nice badges :D
    Thanks for the compliment~ Yeah, I used to... too bad I gave up with the gameplay lol. Would've really loved it if they could've made it just like a standard SRPG.
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