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    Umm... oh, I see...

    Umm, well... that... not really but... umm college? Umm... you go to college after high school right? Umm... it must be nice isn't it... oh umm... I'm sorry... most people don't really like them do they...
    Umm demure...? Oh umm I'm not in school break or anything... umm... what about you?
    Umm... really? And... umm... right now I think I am supposed to be in high school... I think...
    Aight, well these weeks are kind of busy too but nothing too much (/ω\*)
    Got quite a few assignments coming up but procrastinating hard ヽ(´∀`)ノ

    I should stop screwing with myself don't you think
    AAAAAAHHHHH!!! :reallydespaired:

    Ok... let's sort things out... too many people to reply upon ahahaha!!! XD
    Yes. Run from the Uninstall !! (*´∇`)
    Hey man thanks for the add - what's good?

    Yo peace ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ

    Your inbox is full... I still have one more reply for you~

    Thank you for your time~ Bye-bye~ :3
    Are you a good spammer? I also want to know if the person I'm talking to is a girl or man? Some people here pretend to be a woman.
    Eh? Oh... umm... I'm not really busy with anything but... umm... I think it's the housework... like cleaning and cooking... I think....
    Aaaaaaand.. DONE!!! Wahahaha, God of Conquest Mode deactivate!!

    Time for a rest. :goodtea:
    Ahahaha!! Too many messages to reply upon; comments, and threads ahahahaha, alright, I gotta start doing things nao. XD

    Umm... it's okay... I umm... don't really mind I think...

    Umm... I don't think I am older than you though... or... umm everyone else here...
    Hahaha...~ Decaposts... It's good you have friends to vent your frustrations and for making you laugh it seems. I sometimes find the YT videos amusing make myself laugh~

    Oh wow~ Meditating is an enlightening and calming experience. People give out a different aura when they do.

    You're very knowledgeable about the subject. Although I don't meditate much, but what you mentioned are true about how it helps clear your mind and provides limitless possibilities... almost like a whole new person.

    Policewoman... xD Yep... no worries there~

    It's always good to voice your opinions. ^^ There are some cases in which people just keep what's inside and it becomes quite painful and unbearable that when they do release those emotions... It doesn't come out that well. :/

    Lol...~ I'm rooting for you. You'll be sure to win at chess this time~ ^^

    Eh...~ You can sense he'll be around 100... I do hope so as well. ^^

    It's better to be optimistic in most cases... sensibility and common sense are vital for most circumstances. That spider web allusion is quite astounding... viewing things in such a way. I'm sure your mother has had experiences in which she perceives some things pessimistically~

    Sounds like you have a real deep appreciation for anime. I understand on how some TV shows they just appear edited or want to add in the effects for excitement... Anime tends to use those effects because they are necessary most of the time to bring out the mood. Also, it would be scary if it was real~ xD
    I'm glad you can find a place to relax online. It always nice to have a little sanctuary without too much worries. It is great you joined this community~ ^^

    Hahaha... right~ The 'eye of the beholder'... Each person has a different preference. I'll be sure to let you know if I do sing another. Thank you for the boost of confidence. ^^

    Your grandfather sounds like a good man, teaching you English. Your English is very clear... I like the fact you learned English from a GBC. I do hope your studies go well~ ^^

    And talking online is another plus to learn English...~ :3 I rarely chat online, but I find it fascinating that people can learn English or other languages from just chatting~

    Eh...~ So cool that you can read some Kanji and construct sentences... You'd do well if you did study Japanese since you have some of the basics~
    Haha... I'm also pretty envious of those anime bangs, making it cool and easy to tame without any irritation. xD

    "No bangs" people... Lol~ Sounds like you made a new fashion don't~

    Koihime Musou do sure have beautiful clothing... Impractical at times... but beautiful. xD I can see you wearing such wardrobes., You'd be very lovely~ ^^

    Oh wow... lactose intolerant... :x Milk is tasty though... I tend to choose coffee milk~

    Of course, condensed milk is also sweet and fulfilling... but I don't like to drink from the can. xD I prefer to pour it out and watch the little streams of milk make a random pattern on whatever I'm eating or drinking. :3

    Third Eye Chakra... Eh... That sounds amazing, but you mentioned a price... I suppose it can have its faults. Still, it is pretty unbelievable to do things like, being more in-tune and insightful~

    I like Pokemon as well. Good childhood memories~ I can't wait for BW2...~ :3

    Practice is key to most drawings... just try not to overwork yourself~ ^^

    The climax... that would be exciting to read. You researched all those things... must have been difficult, but it would be a good read if you put it all together.
    Eeh... umm... oh... well then umm... thank you I think... umm... I hope we can get along...
    Umm.... hello too.... oh... umm, is there something that you need?
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