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    I never got excited like this in quite a while nao aahahahahahah!! LJGDSFGNSDXBKZDJBGZKDBGZKDSHBGZDFHKBGZKXFHGBKFHLBKHB AHAHAHAHA!!! It's fun, godammit, for some reason I really enjoy reading these things AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!12 JDGHJBNJLS=SDKJBHGFB XDDDD

    I'm all fired up ahahahahaah!!! XDDD I'M ON FIIIIREEE!! XDDDD

    Wow, this is so interesting and entertaining, WHAT'S WITH THE SUDDEN "CHARACTER" DEVELOPMENT?! Ahahaha!!! Never saw something like this in real life wow, damn, so amazing. XDDDDD
    I apologize for the inconvenience... I keep getting PMs and messages from here as well as my usual e-mail everyday so I tend to lose track of things when they might pile up. xD

    You can send it now. It's all set.

    Once again, I apologize for this. I'll try to keep things in better shape in case these things occur again.
    Yes... I saw that 'Problems' thread.

    He seems to want to ventilate his stress and frustration by writing... so let him do it until he tires.

    Whatever we type... he'll consider it, but won't completely accept it.

    Let him cool off, then perhaps, he might do something else.
    Negative emotions... after watching them that many times... it seems you gain some insight about how to view things better and in a different light, making things refreshing, bright, and positive for most aspects. I guess those cliches made you appreciate anime much more. ^^

    A brain of a 40-year old... as long as your wisdom is for things that are meant to aid without being too direct, it can very rewarding and good experience. Your uncle may seem immature, but you still love and respect him. You two make a pair... young and mature with someone older and immature.

    You sounded quite smart and somewhat mischievous... Sometimes... being too smart makes adults whether they are elders or adults frown upon you because saying such things make children appear less warm and too mature for their age... Still, you were bold... to voice your thoughts.

    It really is awe inspiring to hear about those adventures. You're really lucky. I can tell they are a part of you. Those stories cannot be heard anywhere else because they are personal accounts. They would help immensely in your novel~
    Hahaha...~ A place called 'Forum'~ Well, it's accurate and blunt, but fun nonetheless~ :3

    "Hostile" and "Heavy" feeling... I'm glad you can enjoy yourself in this community. I didn't really participate or spam in the first few weeks after registering, but I tried a few and wham! Spammer! xD

    Thank you very much for listening. Your comment will definitely help me improve~ I'm not too sure what makes someone's voice 'cute' because everyone has a different view on 'cute', but I do like the fact that you think my voice is cute. Thank you once more~

    Hmm... I just know hiragana and katakana... kanji kills me. xD I use the lyrics from other sites and make my own version. That's all. I used to translate a few Japanese songs to romaji and English... but they were just things I did for fun. ^^

    Piano covers... I did mention the piano a few times or more... I would love to hear such lovely music from your fingertips~ Only when you're ready... and possibly as December approaches~ :3
    So amazing~ I like smoothies too especially mango flavored~ ^^ I also enjoy the taste of condensed milk. People around here tend to put condensed milk instead of cream, sugar, or milk in their coffee.

    Daydreaming... Imagining... I don't daydream often, but I do imagine things quite often though. It's very enjoyable to think up scenarios and guess what may happen.

    GameBoy Color and friends... hahaha... I don't have GBC so I frequently played on the NES. I also played with my friends mostly jump-roping while singing silly rhymes.

    It is easy to imagine things in your head, but putting them in words, in pictures, in ways that would convey your original intention... it is truly difficult. Just focus what you should focus, step by step, you'll surely make it. :3

    Hahaha~ Don't tell them that it's from your life... You'd be a great author!~ :XD:

    Bangs... that was a little over 10 years ago. I grew them out already. xD They are more like side bangs or something right now~ Maybe you'll find someone who has bangs 'meant for you' ~

    'No bangs' mainstream... xD What a thought~ I didn't consider that~

    Noble elegant clothing in an anime scenario... I was thinking Fushigi Yuugi or Saiunkoku Monogatari for a moment~ ^^
    Haha, the chara in my sig/ava is Yuuki Asuna from SAO (Sword Art Online) which the anime will come out this upcoming summer.
    Going to Japan... I'm sure most feel similarly especially after being exposed to anime. I really love how anime is influencing many to pursue certain careers, hobbies, a way to bond, and many more. I wish you luck in your Computer Science course. :)

    Your uncle sounds like a nice and considerate man. He'll definitely help you. :3
    This is the first community in which I am fairly active. I understand about how other communities give a different feeling... It is unfortunate... those other communities. It is still great to find at least one... :3

    Family reunions~ Sounds very nice... 'Family of singers'... :3 That also sounds fun, warm, and makes your bond stronger. My mother likes singing... Mostly my female relatives enjoy a little karaoke... The males don't bother~

    'Artistic and elegant' dances... I like the sound of that... Even viewing martial arts as a form 'dance' and 'art'... 'Popular dances'... hmm... yeah, some aren't that good. xD

    I sang another one~ I tried to incorporate most of the original words... Might not be too good. Maybe I should spend another day...~
    Milk Tea~ I like it and I drink Orange or Grapefruit Tea... I enjoy a little sourness, bitterness, and fruitiness.

    I am really amazed. To be inspired from your life, to keep on going, a promise, gaining some light from your problems... I truly admire that. It would be worthy novel to read.

    December 2012~ xD Maybe it will increase~

    So many genres~ O.o Sounds like an epic story. I like that you want the middle part to be about your current life. Sounds like an autobiography~

    Oh~ I like bangs as well... I actually want to keep my bangs, but my mother said it wouldn't suit me as I grow. Oldies~ xD

    Ah... I do like elaborate clothing... all those intricate subtle details, lovely colors, and mesmerizing pattern... I do like the noble clothing style.
    I read the original light novels and watched the animu. Choose that pic because she was so charming in that scene, but she isnt really my #1 favorite yet.

    The series is a lot more than fanservice. Have fun watching.
    Hello there~

    Thank you for the reply. I whole-hardheartedly agree that this community is carefree, but they can be serious at times when they want. I don't regret joining... It has been a great experience so far.

    Cold water... xD Who knows... I only asked if it's rare because there are some females here whether they are 13, 18, 25, or 40... who just sing for fun, but they have some nice voices. Some pitch problems, but a few of them do sing pretty well.

    Singing... I'll let you know when I do post another one. ^^

    Such a beautiful soul you have... I cannot argue against that. Japanese music has a similar affect for me as well. You are right that the dramas, anime, games, etc. really do complement with the music. It's hard not to appreciate something as wonderful as that.

    I can't wait then... Since you're so excited, I feel just as excited to hear your voice. As long as you do some breathing exercises and not over-strain your voice, I'm quite sure you'll do well. All the best to you.
    Anime character... hahaha... I guess it is kind of like that. Because you haven't used it for quite some time, you might need some adjusting, but a natural ability won't just disappear. I guess it is like anime... just waiting to release your dormant powers.

    Ginger Tea is fantastic to drink especially if you're sick, need a slight boost of energy, or something that can make your blood flow better. You are quite right about dairy affecting your vocals... but some nice Milk Tea will be fine once in awhile.

    Wow~ You're really excited to draw your own characters and make your own story. Some people lose that spark and try to find some sort of inspiration. The most I can do is wish you the best and cheer you on. :3

    You have many things that make anime characters appeal to you. Their hair style is certainly something you mostly don't see in the real world. They fascinate me as well. I also like their clothing especially if they are on adventures, parties, or just in their school uniforms. You really adore anime, don't you? ^^

    I'm glad to meet someone who share similar interests as me and everyone else too. Until then, see you next time~
    Thank you for the add. I hope to get along with you even more.

    Is it really rare? Hmm... I haven't given much thought about age or singing... but your words do mean a lot to me. Thank you for that.

    I'm Asian as well. I did sing them in Japanese, but I thought it would be nice for a change to sing in English especially if I'm uploading on YT not NND.

    Poetic feel... yes, that is what I crave as well. More meaning and they sing things besides love.

    Eight years... It' almost like the saying of riding a bicycle... you won't forget it... because it has become a part of you. You must sing well for being in a choir. Therefore, even now, you'll still have that charm.
    If you haven't sing for that long, your vocals must be pretty strong actually. Almost like an air-tight container. It's been compressed for who knows how long, but once released... it's free and not suffocating anymore. If being a keyboardist gives you that 'urge', then by all means, go for it.

    Hot tea... you really have the right mind set. Your vocals would work best when it's warm. As for the cold drinks, once in awhile is fine. People do tend to become sick when it's something cold. I'm sure you have a lovely voice.

    CG for Visual Novels... there are a variety of tablets. If you're a beginner, try to get the medium sized ones... Then you can advance to the larger and professional sized ones. Even nowadays, practice is still key. So keep practicing. You must have some pretty neat ideas.

    Those big eyes... they can be quite mesmerizing... I love them too.~
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