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  • i want a fan bar of samy with the character in her avatar
    Meh yes GIMP is more of a beginner type of program I guess you could say.

    And Gracias I will d/l it after this VM I'm writing you lol

    And I'm only saying it for kicks but if you want me to stop I will ^^ no prob my dude! lol
    /me salutes Yes Sir!

    XD Well I am using GIMP, I've been trying to find a (cracked) version of Photoshop so I can do alot more than what I am now but I will try my best Masta :XD:
    :XD: Well at least you're returning the favor as you said ^^

    I also wish to learn from you some more Jedi Master can you teach this young padawan the way of gfx-ing :pushups:
    Boy do I love your input and analysis of artwork you really push people to do better ^^

    Thanks man /me high fives you

    Well I should try another one but I might just stick with the entry for now.
    Ein ^^

    How are ju my good friend?
    Did you see my entry? If possible could you tell me a wise and noble opinion of your's jedi master? :samuraihero:
    Can't we be friend? :3
    by the way i already looks some of your arts.. so this is my opinion, awesome!!
    hi ein, how are you? hmm i was thinking if u can make two fan bars for me :fulfilled:
    sorry for bothering you with this. ja ne~
    Thanks again haha.

    And I see you riek cleating signatules and stuff as werr, I wanna make you a tutol for them signatules when I'm finarry abre to cleate one again huehuehuehuehue. :XD:

    Or maybe some collaboration signature perhaps? XDDDD

    My skills may have rusted already for not being able to do some GFX work for quite a handful of months now. :lmao:
    well i was actually born in germany, so my whole life. my brothers werent born here~
    Thank you very much for accepting.

    I'm happy you like the cake~ ^^

    I hope to get along with you further~

    May you have a lovely day~ :3
    I say you thread on the userbars you did I like them alot they're are pretty cool. But anywho can you make a Get Backers one for me if possible?

    Well thanks again for you opinion on my sigs and stuff I'm practicing a few things out with borders and stuff so that way I can at least break my noob barrier lol.:fulfilled:
    trying to give someone good advise makes you a great person in my eyes at least (or simply a good person, if great is too much^^)
    even more so, when you were talking from experience.

    anyways, random question, where do you come from, if i may ask?
    mmh...do you think so?? :goodtea:
    i think it fits~
    lets just say quiet observer. pleased with that, sir?? <.<
    lol...id prefer somthing like "watching over you like a good mentor"~
    i was just interested in the exchange of arguments.
    haha~ XDDDD
    nah, but you labeled me as an "temporary stalker", so i thought:
    "mmmh...why not going with that? temporary stalker has a nice ring to it~"
    hey, hey, hey! no jumping to conclusions here!
    thats not it!! XDD

    anyways, i am YOUR personal stalker~
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