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  • Hello there~

    Hmm... Shiki got here first...~

    Is it all right to add you as a friend?... Cake?

    ok, wont confuse you with eins^^
    not really using IRC as well~
    anyways thanks for accepting.
    You're too kind, thank you for everything you've done,let's view my sig :D
    I glad to hear you, any anime character who you like with my name, that is great, so thank you so much, you are the best :)
    If I can help you anything, let's me know, or do you want I put your thread "Ein's userbar gallery" in my sig? :D
    Hey Ein, just visited your thread, your userbar gallery are awesome, and I wish I have one, just one, Could you possibly help me make one "Anime fan userbars" with my name: Shinichi kudo , I am grateful and will keep for my signature :D
    aaahh... i dont see off... Khukhukhu... gomen2.. bte its very cuteee... that pp.. grrr... maybe i will stalking your profile for a whileee.. :runhappy: anw she a singer right..?? any recomendations about her song..?? :D
    eeeehhhhhhh.... u will handed your wife too mee../????? :shocked:

    anw gud luck in the part time job... hope u dont hve an ecchi part job.. xixixixix.. (kidding) Bayy... Thanks for chat with meee~~~~ :runhappy:
    I knew that the OS-Tan theme was made and shipped to only a few thousand buyers.

    For torrents....not much you can say about 'em... really handy if it's a new file though...

    Anyway, here's your link.
    The uploader password protected it. The password: bbs.acgdiy.com
    Thanks for the link to the theme Ein. I'll grab it when I'm out of school.

    If ya' want it, I'll share my Fate theme.
    ahahaha...sure i know.. kinda want tease that girll... Xixixix...just saying something because its very cute expression there~~~~... how are u now ein.??? :XD: busy with spam now..??
    Wow a very detailed tutorial you got there Ein :)
    It makes me want to return back to doing photoshop again, even with my newbie photoshop skills :XD:
    Thanks for the link Ein, I'll be sure it read it when I have the time, I'll save it for later for now as I have Chemistry coursework to get on with. Thanks remembering I wanted to learn though ;) You have King's gratitude :3
    Oh wow o.o You did a good job there! Looks so pretty and if I can manage to understand all that, everyone else can! :P
    Greatly appreciated! Thx
    whoa, it all sounds so..difficult =/ I used to have Photoshop but all I could do was turn pictures to black/white or make one colour (or more) stand out.. :P I would love to learn how to render images so that I can make (or atleast try) my own sigs/avatars ^^
    Whoa! I'll be looking forward to that :3
    Just wondering, how long does it take you to make one bar on average...? :o
    Thanks for the effort! I'll try to think of some popular anime's that could use a userbar.
    Hmm..these come to mind as of now: Naruto / Fairy Tail / Highschool DxD (which I understand, since it full of eye-candy :nosebleed:) / Chobits / Shakugan no Shana. I can add some more but those will be the ones I personally like so it might be a bit selfish.. =/ Hope this helped!
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