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    :3 I was just gonna ask you for it
    Your welcome ^^

    I wish I could help you with that but I have zero experience when it comes to GIFs..
    You can ask KOS-MOS (formerly known as Selvaria Bles) He's GIF meister :3
    Hi! :3

    How does this look?

    If you want something different (like, font, color placement etc etc) let me know! ^^
    Hello kami-onii-chan,

    For future reference, it is not okay to ask for warez here. We get enough attention as it is.

    No worries and sorry for the late reply :/
    I was kinda busy lately. I'll just VM you again when it's done. ^^
    I hope you don't mind XD
    Sure. Just give me the images you want me to use again. =)
    Oh and make sure the links don't get broken so I can really get it unlike the last one XD
    No problem. I was even worried you might not like the one I made XD
    If ever you want another one done just PM or VM me again
    Here's your request! Sorry if the render or the image I used was different from what you wanted because the link for the one you want is broken so I wasn't even able to view it =_="

    I hope you like this one though

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