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  • hello whatpu^^,,,thank you again:)

    haha yeah....it's a good game and the story is great too;)...too bad it's too short
    Yeh I am like that as well, I can't just brush it off and not care ...! I think we're a bit similar on that as well indeed, though I can't be bothered typing too much about it ^^
    Think of it as a happy ending, my brain churned awhile before I could let it go. After all, from whjat I gathered, all Gasai Yunos was in reality the 1st..(In may way of thinking of it)
    And somehow she fixed it it at the end !!!!! (She must have or all life might as well die right xD)

    Hhmm I think silent hill was a novel at first too wasn't it. Some, inspired work coming out of japan.

    Bais, I'm back to being preoccupied irl for now and some too think about regarding the future.
    I finished Mirai Nikki not long ago. It was awesome, and I made sure I got all the OST as well to listen too.

    End got me a bit on the edge as if I was going to have to pull my hair our or not...but then luckily..at the end of end, I heard ....yukki...! And ah thank goodness...

    I spent some amount of thought thinking about the ending over and over...and wondering about certain things, developing theories ect. I have to figure it out what happened like a maniac ocd like.

    Woot is that VINCENT to the left of my typing NOOO! Not yet more ergo proxy ! :happytears:
    I said I would show you some something about ffd show that vlc uses...I'm too busy and don't know iut well enough to go into any depth but I'll just show you a screenshot from Doom9's forum:

    Source and more info:http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=146228

    I want my black to be black..at the very least, and there are other things.
    Here's a helping link btw if you want to play hi10p:

    Also I happen to come across some other awesome looking anime's that both you and me might like... 1st named 'Another' 2nd named 'Deadman Wonderland'.

    In case you haven't seen or heard of them yet.
    Whops, I forgot too answer your 2nd last post...

    Yeah I was planning on posting some stuff for you regarding all of that, just haven't gotten around yet.

    Hah yeah it have watched it multiples times since then :p

    No I wasn't asking for myself, but in regards too yourself.

    I'll see if I can find some screenshots regarding vlc and its ffdshow....

    Oh and I got 5 or 6 eps left of Mirai, But I'm slowing it down, because I think its rocks my socks :D And I like to save the best for last.
    Thanks, whatpu! Yeah, I do hope the past year has made me much wiser for the months ahead. :happywhistle:
    Hey all welcome to my profile. lol
    I'm friendly so you can be my friend if you want :D
    Nooo, I cheat. I use tools like the pen tool and line tool to help me with straight lines and nice curves. I don't have a tablet yet, so I need to resort to such tools :p! If you have a tablet, I can give you one tip: Draw your lines fast. If you draw a line fast, you'll end up with a straighter line, then when you draw it slowly :p
    I do mostly ecchi/hentai artwork. I used to draw with paper and graphite pencils, but I am currently working on a Photoshop project. I'm trying to go digital and hopefully get the time to redraw older pictures in Photoshop as well :)
    Will do..

    I used VLC before btw Until I learned about its crappy filter, if thats what its called..I can show you more on that later from doom9's forum...

    You know what hi10p is btw ?
    I use media player classic....I set it up once for hi10....but made some changes since then and not sure...but I've watched the first 3 eps so far, and it looks good either way :)
    HI... Sorry to bother youuu...
    im shocked see your profile picture.. its... cooL.. never expected it.. ahhaa

    and i want to be your friendss... since i think u know much about good moviess.. we may could chat movies in the future... >,<
    I pretty certainly will ! I'm just wondering right now I'm my player is actually playing it in hi10p or not. But I'll check that out.

    I saw a poll once for the best/ biggest yandere...and yuno was in it, naturally.
    Yeah I think I've figured it out...I downloaded the series yesterday, or today actually bc I went to be today, from staying up almost 2 days in a row o.O

    It was hard finding stuff and navigating trough the mess of releases imo, but I got the BD now with "Static Subs"...even though I think Gotwoot would be the best choice, but that I found only in hdtv censored version.

    But for some reason Final8 group decided to use SS instead, which was the 2nd best choice I think. And its in Hi10p.

    Just watched the first two eps right now ")
    Btw, I've narrowed it down too the best releases I think from either gotwoot
    or static-subs to be the best release of MN....

    Just wanted to check with you if you had some familiarity with the two releases.
    Thanks for the add :)

    Yono and Lucy !!!!! hahaha I'm sure they will be able to play well together...How adorable, yandere team. I'm sure they would take very good care of (TERRIFY) whomever they fall in love with.
    Thanks for the tip...I will definitely get the BD version then....I hate , truly can't stand stupid changes like that....I don't like censor. Or even anything different from the original for that matter, then it only feels like I'm being deprived of something.

    I've also seen and enjoyed hellsing...but I put stuff like elfen lied above that. Hellsing was more just entertaining action, and not as engaging in comparison.

    Yeah EL was like the first official one for me, and the one that started it all. But I might have seen gits (ghost in the shell movie (1995)) first I think. But that was like, hmm random, or well I don't know what to call it hehe. But so that would make EL my First/second as well.
    Very very interesting.....It already got my attention from before , now even more...Elfen lied was btw my first anime or sorts...I think. And It's the one which got me.

    So hmm yeah :J I loved Elfen Lied.

    I think you choose a good picture, for me its a bit more than just a pic, but it contains some duality. I wont say more than that, cause I dont want you to somehow bring me spoilers for the anime hehe.
    Couldn't help see your avatar also...Mirai Nikki, interesting, haven't seen yet. You liked it ? I'm presuming you've seen it.
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