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  • "Who's there?" (pertaining to your 'Knock, knock' quote on my wall)

    Hello again~

    You'll be able to stay the way you are. Of course, you might change somewhat, but your underlying kindness and humor can still be detected.

    "In non-active action"... Haha~ Sounds like an oxymoron. Perhaps you're right.

    If you would like something to suit you fully... then having confidence and feeling proud about what you do without regrets or doubts would be the solution.

    Lol~ That picture is hurting my eyes a bit with all those colorful flashes. xD Feels retro. Perhaps simplicity or subtle undertones may work. Still, it's up to you. :3

    Thank you for the chat. I'll stay healthy and strong. Same to you as well. Bye~
    Hello to you~

    You deserve to smile and laugh... even receiving compliments~ :3 You've been an enjoyable person to chat with so far.

    I suppose I'm open-minded and like to observe people so I think about things somewhat deeply. ^^;;

    Haha... sure. Let's not talk about other people much. Not too many people like to be talked about behind their backs. Not a good thing either. :S

    Oh... O.o Ahaha... xD It's 'perfect'! It suits you to some degree. Has a certain aristocratic charm in yet showcases humor and quick wit at times. I approve~

    Thanks for the chat. Bye for now~
    You're a good person... to me anyways.

    Funny and smart. Who wouldn't like a person such as yourself?~

    Haha... wonderful job on the picture. It may appear clumsy to most, but the main idea is the humor and how you actually tried to do it yourself. Therefore, it gives more meaning.

    So, I like it very much. ^^

    Stay healthy and strong. See you~
    Now, who would misjudge you?~ >:3 They probably haven't the slightest idea~

    Ohoho... that image would surely suit you~ ^^ If you added a white mustache, you'll look like the Monopoly character, Rich "Uncle" Pennybags.

    You'll probably be fine though... A person who is humorous and pretty witty like yourself, will be just fine~

    All right then... bye-bye~ Stay healthy~
    Haha... I understood the initial meaning~ ^^

    Thank you for accepting.

    Hope to get along with you even further.

    Until then, see you again. Take care~
    Hello there.

    Is it all right to be friends?... Something sweet?

    Yes, the one that has those Bear Badge seem to be really good people that loves animals. :whistle:
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