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  • I was going to ask about her again in the thread maybe haha. Even I feel guilty about not giving Takeru enough love sometimes... and I often wonder if she's my secret MVP. I have a newer Takeru folder of all her scenes I organized more recently but have only done that with the twins so far too. Takeru gets the job done a lot for me and consistently has some of the hottest scenes in all of the games. Then there's the fact that she's been fucked by demons in the canon, lusts for her sister, and that pornstar route in Goku, if there's anyone who's the most slave-like and experienced it's probably her.

    If they expand on her loli scenes in Shoku 2.0... holy fuck!

    She's had the most changes character design wise for sure and I would say her Remake look is by far my favorite, she looks cuter than ever and has a nice slim athletic figure.
    What programs do you think Faux/Nisemono uses?

    EDIT: Got her using Nunchucks since I like Maxi's moveset :P

    ah fuck! Well replace the stars with... i m g u r . c o m

    Exactly what I wanted! Glad he usually does variants with no clothes. Wait is that three demons? XD

    I'll try to take a pic of my Mikoto if I can haha. Though I have her using nunchucks, lol.
    Shame nisemono won't budge and do a little more hardcore... those giant monsters and tiny girls, come on! Aojiru's spoiled me hehe.

    Yeah I can't wait, it's gotta be soon. Maybe some news by the end of the year, since their other recent game has been out for awhile now. We're just waiting for the next big news. I can't wait to see Kikuka and Ouka get a lot of focus again. Until then I just keep making Photoshops for my own amusement, like swimming at the pool with the White Cat's! lol

    Found Sakura and Asagi customizationed in Soul Caliber 6! haha
    I've been wondering what's up with the double peace / slightly ahegao thing hahah...
    Loved her too. Loved them all! How far are you? I'm real excited for the expansion and that it's getting a physical release, $40 I think.

    I bet you're having a smooth experience with it because the game got a ton of patches. It wasn't too bad at launch though, but I'm kind of curious how different it is now with all the updates. I think they added New Game+, so I can probably replay it someday with that.

    I think for me overall I like the main plot of Xenoblade 1 more, but the Xenoblade 2 cast is one of the best most likeable groups of JRPG characters I've ever seen. I also think it's hilarious Monolith Soft cooked this game up in like a year or two at most... and for me personally it's 10x better than FFXV. Which we all know took a damn decade. I'm glad Monolith Soft are doing well under Nintendo now, I can probably count on them for some good JRPG experiences from here on. I've loved all the Xeno's, though I still haven't played Xenoblade X. I never ever hear anyone talk about the story or characters from that one which is disappointing, sounds more Western open world influenced too which is a minus to me. And the anime vocals OST sounds pretty weird. I own it but just have a bad feeling it'll be the first Xeno I don't like much.

    I just wish or hope Tetsuya Takahashi gets back to the more complex and darker stories like Xenogears/Xenosaga someday. But I still love the Xenoblade's.

    Did you get around to Nier Automata?
    lol, speaking of Diablo I just beat Nioh... it was hard as fuck. I really liked it though, Team Ninja's take on Souls x Ninja Gaiden with a Diablo loot system.

    Xenoblade 2 was amazing! Loved all the characters and I wasn't complaining about the female designs, hehe. Lovely stuff.

    I messaged Hayami Hayami at pixiv again, just saying I can't wait for Inyouchuu Shoku Remake and the collection, along with an Ouka image haha. Wonder if he'll respond or still works with TB...
    You can send it to me via discord. Anyway what is your current status of kyou translation project in discord though ?
    There's also remakes and reboots, DLC, and other stuff to consider. Unlike Hollywood, Eroge isn't hard because the average Inyouchuu VN is around 2GB. What the series lacks in graphics it makes up for with music and voice acting.
    I really don't know the sales figures for any of the eroge content. I'm assuming that Inyouchuu is doing well because it's the only thing that's producing merchandise, manga, games, and anime to stay afloat. I also assume that it's accesible in the sense that the VN novels are self containined with little continuity between each installment.
    I'm try to use GARbro to view Kyou .arc but only error message said its can't open it nor asking me for decryption key. Anyway I can fix this ? Really want Sui in her new sexy transparent bikini sprite!!! XP

    Also I can fully play Kyou and Hime Omake now. Look like I messed up with ROM cracker all along...
    I don't know how to interpret your words. Given that most of the budget for eroge goes into the VAs and the Sound Director, I assume break even means hiring them back or earning enough for a new one. It seems like eroge is less of an art and more of a tech job.
    Yeah I have some cracked version that probably messes with it. I should get the digital version probably.
    Damn my Kyou exe is giving me issues again, just stops at the Tinker Bell screen! I should probably just import this too. lol
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