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  • Biden is an idiot. He wants me to buy American but I have been buying Japanese Products for decades. I prefer Japanese Sub over the Dub all the time. I don't want my ears molested by American Dubs. American Anime is terrible, they cannot even get the boobs right. Anime in America is "How to Draw Manga" 101.

    The guy who drew anime was always the kid who drew Dragonball, Pokemon. That's who you respect.
    I heard that Asagi's VA retired from the industry. I am assuming that something similar is happening where a lot of veterans are calling it quits. As for Inyouchuu, I still think they can merely go the safe route and just convert the novels into 26 episode anime. The problem is that they cannot tell a coherent story with any of the cast. I am uncertain if it's because the girls are too strong for many of the demons, or if they've gotten immune to all the sex.
    I just found out that Urotsukidoji was based on the manga and the spin offs were made without the creator's input. He also did La Blue Girl and Demon Beast Invasion. According to him he transitioned from Horror to Post-Apocalypse.

    The hero is a Demon sent to Earth to find and stop the Ultra God from being born. Him and his sister had no morals in the original and merely became anti-heroes. Demons in Japan tend to be weaker than Satan and God. Inyouchuu Villains are generally agreed to be weaker than the Rock Demon from New Urotsukidoji, and Edwin Black and Oroboro from Asagi.
    I finally figure out what's been bugging me about the new game. Sui and Rinko are the only ones where their poor decision making skills have consequences. Unfortuantely, the rest of the game is just torture porn where it's not fun and too grotesque. Tinkerbell seems to be aiming for a seasonal or yearly release makes it more apparent that they really want Inyouchuu to be a franchise. I don't think one or two Inyouchuu Games a Year would work since that would require writing by the seat of the pants, or not planning ahead. I don't know if Fans would accept Inyouchuu with gag like writing.
    The style has not changed over the course of the first 5 novels. It seems like they changed writers. The girls all have empty vacant stares as their bodies are being invaded by large insects.

    I am going out on a limb and guessing the artists drew uncomfortable with the increase focus on scat, guro, and piss that cropped up around Kyou. So maybe the new writer's focus is making the artist uncomfrotable.
    There's no easy way to say this.... Takeru is the only one with a good scenes and they don't go for the full implications of it.

    Sui and the Twins have the worst endings by virtue of being bisected and presumably dead. The preview is undermined by Sui and the Twins shown to be outright dead... This has to be the first Inyouchuu Villain whom fans outright hate!
    I did some digging: Tinkerbell is the company that produces a lot of adult games. They are based in Osaka City, Osaka
    A lot of H-Artists went pro because H-Anime doesn't pay that well or generate revenue. The problem with Shuu is that it abandoned the core mechanics of the game in favor of gore and defecation with Sui and Mikoto being the only ones. I don't know how much Covid-19 contributed to the game's terrible reception or how Cyberworks were simply impatient and could've delayed release given that everything is shut down at this time
    I do apologize for the way I have been acting. It's just that the snake lady's motives are too petty to work in an Inyouchuu game. I can correctly guess that she wants to be with Yamato and eliminates Sui due to her largest bust.

    I really have to get my hands on a copy of this game because I do have a good idea of how mind control works, but Mikoto's brashness and Sui's need to do as she's told really makes it all the more fascinating.
    Sorry about the rambling. I am good at accounting and the one thing that really broke my concentration was Sui and Rinko being lesbians. This proves Kisame's true weakness is Lesbians and Scandalous Behavior!
    I take it back. Yamato is the worst hero ever for making his childhood friend become a lesbian. You can make the argument that she was raped enough times to trust women instead. Does this mean Mikoto isn't her type, or she wants Mikoto to be her prison bitch?
    Blame Kirito from Sword Art Online for killing the Hentai Anime Industry. I've been joking around that Konosuba, Fairy Tail, Eden Zero, and Okaason Online are better at making porn than the hentai industry.

    Mamako, Latina, Aqua, YunYun are more liked around porn circles to the point they are the stars. They make 1000 Porn Pics a day by existing. Inyouchuu should get studio DEEN, the heroes would blend in with Valkyrie Drive, Kill La Kill, Darling in the Franxx, or Galko Chan.

    Yamato at this point is just Kazuma with more quirks and power to back it up. In my day, Rance was the hero that other hentai titles aspire to be. Boghan and Bolt are top contenders.
    Sorry, I have been wondering how the heroines get out of their hell, I am astute in marital arts.
    The mentai image of Sui using judo with her large tits, or Mikoto taking on Karate just popped into my mind.

    Outside of Inyouchuu, I read Chataro's works, most famously Nami SOS where Nami's Brother punched out an Incubus!
    It's not really spelled outright but Sui is a hick and she speaks with a country girl accent that doesn't translate well overseas. She is just really ignorant about how the outside world work. She is just like Chi Chi from Dragonball in that she is merely ignorant about how people outside of Japan act.

    Mikoto is also a hick but she's more of a tomboy and scares men away with her hillbilly strength. So it's possible that Sui is a spoiled brat that's just throwing a temper tantrum.
    I think the problem with Yamato is that he lacks the chaotic stupidity that makes Kazuma from Konosuba likeable, the skill that makes Kirito from Sword Art Online memorable, or even the guile that makes Papa Bones from Overlord likeable.

    I think Yamato is overshadowed by Goblin Slayer at this point. His gimmick is that he hunts monsters but doesn't have what it takes to fight them without his fists.
    Yamato is just so dumb that he can't save any of his harem and they are pissed! I think the people who do the anime simply hate Yamato because he has no personality or quirks to work with. He's like Dirk from Princess Knight Lilia, but doesn't understand the responsibility that comes with wielding demonic power
    Now that I think about it: The dumbass from Tentacle and Witches, Loki from Fallen Virgin Knight Ikusa, Boghan from the Battleship Anime are the only successful leads that I can think of outside of Bolt.
    I forgot about Mahou Shoujo Ai. Let me see....
    The nerd scored with Ai, a bunch of students his age, and most likely is alive. The principal is so weak willed that he bows down to the villain.

    The second series was pretty much an Orgy: It's implied to be more willing which gives Mai safety points.

    Cruel Angel Shion: The music teacher scores with Lydia, the hero has Shion and the Teacher, and his fat best friend is the only thing that stands out. Screw it, why weren't the Teacher and Wara Ouda the leads? I liked them and Lydia far more than Shion
    Nightmare is the kind of guy who would have a fast car, cheap suit, and tacky 70s-80s attire.
    Meioki is the kind of guy who pretty much strolls on the beach to pick up women.
    In short Inyouchuu has villains, but they don't have a solid organization like Edwin Black to effectively instill fear into the general population. They are merely bullies at best.
    My theory as to why Inyouchuu isn't as successful as Black Lilith is because the Black Cat Brigade aren't as unified as the Taimanin Brigade. It's highly possible that Mikoto and Sui look dysfunctional in comparison to Oroboro and Asagi. So I merely think Sui is becoming more like Orobo and will turn to the dark side and start humiliating Mikoto and killing Yamato in a fit of spite if their arc continues.
    Okay, I can tell you the truth: Sui has the most sexual partners out of the heroines!
    She has Nightmare, Meioki, Two Old Men, The FrogOcotupus, the Spider Demon, Insect Demons, The Red Oni, The origin of the Insects!

    She is actually far more sexually active than Takeru!

    I have merely been wondering why she's hostile to Mikoto and it's implied the events of the previous novels did happen but she singles out Mikoto due to her incompotent leadership
    Hehe, this artist actually does pregnancy in some of the Tanuki Soft games, but yeah. It's always still pretty vanilla.
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