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  • Well the twins are something like 200 years old but they don't age because of their curse. Originally they must have been 13 or something around that.
    Being anime they can just claim what they want though and it's not like they can be proven wrong, for example I could say the twins are a bit short and flat but otherwise adult and looing at some girls in real life it wouldn't be absurd at all.
    This whole obsession with age of fictional characters is completely unreasonable.
    There is no such disclaimer in the original, it must be a usa thing. Their age is never mentioned but I always assumed they are in high school.
    As with eveything there is an artistic part and a technical part, or they wouldn't be able to make a living while developing full time
    I bet most eroge games are on the low end of that or they wouldn't make their money back
    true, anyone who hasn't read the manga or played the game probably was left wondering what was going on, kinda like the first time I watched an inyouchuu anime =P
    I expect a quick intro based on the early chapters and then they will jump to the sex scenes and do a mix of everything
    Na, standards are given by the norms DVD and Blu-ray are giving, so you cannot change that (NTSC / Pal / Secam norm, in fomer times VHS or LD norms). Variable only are releases by web. I do not see where standards have been changed. Cenosrship / pixalization are varibale over the years and the studios active atm have not changed since some years, the only thing what has been adapted lately is the running time of episodes.
    Sui's best part should be when she gets her boobs modified, it's probably gonna be good.
    I like her current VA so much!
    That much is true, they have really good art direction and they are usually very close to the source material, but in return they cut corners on the animations.
    na, they normally are produced and planned for release on the long run, at least half a year ago, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.
    hm, there are already pseudo series like this with short episodes:

    Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita. / スカートの中はケダモノでした. and Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni... / 僧侶と交わる色欲の夜に , both with short episodes and available in 18+ versions (hentai). There are 15+ versions of them too.
    i dont know, it depends on my current pictures (still have around 5pics this month). but if I really like the idea, sometimes i accept other commissions.
    try to send me an e mail if you're interested.
    It is the main difference between VNs and manga, a VN after all is more like a book with illustrations while a manga relies almost entirely on images to tell the story, with text only used for voices and sound effects, which is why a vn can have fewer base images with lots small variations and cured details while manga are usually in black and white.
    She's definitely a perv even outside of chaccu's work, maybe it wasn't that obvious in the older games because her expressions always looked kinda normal but usually gives in very fast
    If they did things properly it would take 3 or 4 episodes with each more important scene taking about 10 minutes, it is possible this is what they'll do but it's not the only problem I see.
    Looking at their other anime adaptations they seem to cheap out on animations and detailed movements, that means in many scenes the characters move as if they were a cardboard cutout being moved up and down. I hope this is not what will happen but I am reasonably weary of it.
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