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  • Nice. You've got the dedicated collection considering you're not even in Japan from the pictures you showed me a few year backs. I also had the same problem when I spoke to on pixiv, I supported her back when she only had a small base on fanbox and she sent me a personal thanks. She thought it was kinda crazy that I was supporting her living all the way in the UK. But kept laughing and getting confused about how bad the machine translation was.

    His a great director and seemed to have a sense of where he wanted to go with the series, and seems to still have the "bug" to create stuff. For now he just post more family based stuff and just everyday topics. But he does repost some intresting stuff every now and then. It's a shame a lot of the bigger H-game makers are drying up. I do buy a lot of the more smaller circle stuff but it's now lucky to even get a really standout title once a year...

    That'd be nice if you can get it up somewhere. His worked on all the top tier Inyouchuu and that one spin off game with the girl that become an amputee with the twins from Inyou'. So getting a look a bit into the people behind the games I enjoy can be insightful.
    I do like some of Tinkerbells other talent, but they haven't produced a good hardcore game for well over a year.
    Maybe they are taking a break, they were pouring out the Inyou games every year for a good while and so likely dried the well of ideas and dont't know what they or the audience want, plus with the sales dropping down with how the last two games liiekly want to give some space to take a fresher approach.
    No, I'm not on discord. I'm on Steam a lot but always stay Invisible.

    It might have been creative differences in direction they wanted to go? Hayami been quiet since 2017 but does link to his accounts and he follows me on twitter. Seems vndb don't have all his work listed might to look on JP databases for an overview.
    I'd be down to read the interview if you've got it.
    I've just got the new poison motion game that just released so gonna see if that's any good.
    Yeah I got it with the Audio DLC IIRC. It was better, but they seem to have fallen off a little with the last two overall. I was hoping for that shuu remake or a spin off with the white cat branch and a continuation to the story they setup, but we've not had anything but those two games which while they have the main cast still felt like filler games. I also bought the Milf Game they released back in Nov or Dec. But the next game they are doing looks naff.
    I don't have a clue what Tinkerbell are doing they've been very lackluster these last 3 years...
    LOL! Of course and glad you are too! Alive and Death Jab Free! Shame we haven't had any Inyouchuu stuff for a while...
    Bad News, online retailers are purging visual novels from Japan without warning. I do not know what it means for the future.
    Upon what I am seeing of Taimanin, I think Tinkerbell wants to leave the eroge market for cellphone games to generate more money. The problem is that the Inyouchuu works better in visual novels and it's unknown if the girl's abilities can translate in games. I still argue it would work better in anime as to expand on their respective arcs.
    I finally figure out what's been bugging me about Shuu. The Monsters of Inyouchuu are more polite and affable in comparison to other monsters in hentai due to their intelligence. Their MO is to merely reduce the heroines to mindless cattle to breed. They would be okay dads if it weren't for the pump and dump strategy.
    There's no easy way to say this... It's easily the bad game. Killing off the Immortal Twins and butchering them wasn't a smart move.
    I find Inyouchuu's bad plot pretty weird because Comics and Anime are pretty much dying due to poor plots and poor sales.
    Maybe Hayami P went pro. I remember the guro artist 774 turning pro and giving up on guro to make Nagatoro san.
    I actually played the preview and couldn't stop laughing. It took me a while to realize that Rinko was getting dunked head first in the water. This isn't even an Inyouchuu Game, this is some Looney Tunes cartoon.
    Finally figure what's been buggy me about Inyouchuu: it's impossible to take the love triangle between Mikoto, Sui, and the Twins over Yamato's affections seriously. They're just an emotionally stable take on Konosuba. They should get Studio DEEN at this point to adapt the novels of the first 5 novels.
    Okay I can finally tell you the Truth: Sui had far more sexual partners than Takeru! It's implied that the events of the novels did happen, but I was wondering why she's been so hostile to Mikoto since Kyou.

    It's possible that she hates Mikoto's incompetent leadership. It's like Sakura hating Asagi for leading them into a trap.
    What I wrote in Inyouchuu is too advanced to explain to progste because it's hard to translate.

    Sui's arc in Shoku can be interpreted as a minor going on spring break with her friends and ends up partying, loosening up and enjoying the party. She merely hates Mikoto for letting her succumb to peer pressure and leaving her to get in trouble with either the police or her parents.

    Either way, it's too hilarious to show Meioki get arrested for statutory rape and child endangerment.
    Oh, I've actually played some of those tanuki soft games, they're not bad but very very vanilla.
    Those some cute lolis =)
    When I read doujins or VNs I often find myself wishing the authors would go just a bit more hardcore, for example including pregnancy scenes.
    I finally managed to figure out what Cyberworks is doing. They are trying to look into sites where they can distribute the disc via online retailers. I am merely volunteering and consulting them.
    I think Sui in the first two novels was written as a Type B Tsundere, in the New Games she's a Type A Tsundere.
    I looked up Sui's Old VA, she was apparently Silque in Fire Emblem, Lilia in Himekishi Lilia. The credits said she's good at emotionless girls and sugar and ice girls.
    Does this mean that Sui in the old games had her dialogue written in kataktana?
    The New VA is from Idolmaster and sound more energetic.
    I don't really use image hosting much so I don't know of any.
    I'll draw as much as i can!
    Ah yes, I know that artist, good stuff.
    I feel like I really want more extreme stuff around, maybe I should get serious about drawing...
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