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  • There is also the digital version on dmm and dlsite with the expansion included
    I don't know, maybe if I have time? Althought first i would have to check if there is indeed new stuff compared to what is already around.
    Btw there are also a lot of icon, menu items and backgrounds i did not include in that torrent.
    kyou and goku extraction is also a success, the amount of stuff seems comparable with the ones from the remake
    Hey i think i found a tool to extract sprites and sounds from inyouchu remake, unfortunately so far no way to get readable scripts.
    Yep, it works, I'm extracting right now, it's finding even the gallery previews and the main menu lol
    I'm sure they won't miss out on the sweet merch $$ after all they didn't make that much more than usual, did they?
    I'm sure Meioki will get more action just like Nightmare. Tge beach scenes were pretty boring, even the manga made them better, hopefully they get an overhaul because i kinda like the idea behind them.
    Oooh that wendybell artist is really interesting, i think he did some other games for them in the past, too bad he is so goddamn vanilla, it would be interesting to see him try some inyouchuu-style stuff.
    My top picks are Ouka x shikigami and Sui boobs play, I hope Mikoto gets new scenes, also I hope they left the consensual Mikoto x Takeru scene, it was so cute =P
    What's the other game you refer too? The wendibell one? It's the same artist from their previous games and the game does look completely vanilla, not really that interesting. His style is okay, but sometimes I don't like how he draws faces or some body parts.
    Forgot to ask... Do you want to continue using discord or not ? and also the scan you mentioned earlier I hope you can share the loot soon! :D
    As I talk with prog before. We try to run 3 small projects. The fanfict, Wikia and translation stuff

    For the VN Maker. Is still need a lot of improvement from its developers but for me the program still have an excellent ability to create some fan-fiction novel with resource from ripped CG XD

    I don't think you guys have much time to write fanfict so now I move to create the wikia instead but still need some fluent english and pro-aojiru writers to help out.
    P.S. The fan-fict VN thingy is just for fun though. (but for me I can hire some commission artists for my game in the future)
    Hi Echelon I'm finally able to send you a friend request! I'm forgot that this site have some kind of this DM for a long time
    i think it's like RPGs, for a computer to be as good as a human it would need to think like a human
    Shoku remake is probably gonna be around the same time of the previous one. Grand Guignol apparently was a french theater known for gruesome and violent shows so it's definitely an horror title.
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