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  • Oh god, Djockovich is playing the Austrialian Open. I don't like him or Federer fans. They always want to fight me at the Stadum
    Serena Fans are blood thirsty, they want her to kill her own sister for the champion title.
    Serena's 8 tons of pure bitch and still recovering from having a baby.
    Oh wow, there are actually celebrating Brexit in Britain. Didn't know that. The Super Bowl is about the start.
    What's going on in Europe? From what I've heard Britain left the EU and France is bitter about it.

    I just woke up from a nap and been up since 5am since I slept like a log.

    Also heard something terror related in London and slept thru that.

    THere's also Jomon vs. Yaoyi *Japan is made up of multiple tribes and they've been at each other's throats since the country was founded. Ainu get more focused cause they are natives. Jomon look like cavemen or Europeans.
    Sorry, I am covering for Chris Hansen ATM and he's after Onision

    Onision is a creep and a sex offender and a ProGamer.

    He's not supposed to be on the internet.

    Funimation also dropped Interspecies Reviewers and fans are mad at them.
    Saw the OP, oh boy we have a crazy burn victim and Sui hooking a snake demon to her ovaries like to make her tits bigger. Yamato better give her that baseball field full of children. She's a maneater at this point and willing to turn demon to preserve her beauty for Yamato.
    Sorry about that, I am Way off schedule.

    I have a lot of traveling I need to do for February. Been helping Tinkerbell translate and market Inyouchuu to the West while being sick.

    Should've been resting, I am unavaible till I get a clean bill of health from the doc on Monday
    Damn, Aojiru would be proud of those egg tentacles hehe. Very hot. Love that the girl looks like a loli from the Sexy Magical Girl Ai crew too.

    Fuck all those pomf clones are dying. Know any good simple NSFW hosts like that for hentai lately? I'll share the double gape edit I did lol. Wish there was a shot of the horse going back in her pussy with her asshole gaped. Or give the horse double dicks! And delete that prolapse, but keep the fat belly... I might try a few more edits. The rest of this artist is too weird for me, but that one is hot.

    Draw your desires!
    I can buy that Sui's a freshman in Inyouchuu, Sophmore in Shoku, and a Junior/Senior around Kyou-Goku due to her fashion and personality change, but the Shiratori Twins are always hard to pin down.
    How old are Mikoto, Takeru, and Sui at Shoku? The DVD I bought left a disclaimer saying they were over the age of 19, but the remakes draw them younger
    Thanks for resending the invite. I was able to join this time and my username in Discord is Trans-amFreedom and the tag is Trans-amFreedom#7093. Sorry for bothering you again.
    Yeah, in the end that'd be a lot of extra work only some of us would appreciate probably. I wouldn't want to sacrifice more scenes hehe.

    Yeah I imagine we'll get some cameos and another update on the White Cats, but Ouka/Kikuka and the trio will definitely be the main focus. Hopefully Shoku 2.0 is coming next holidays! Gonna be a long year... lmao.

    This next game looks better than the last one though, I might order it.
    Something I'd love to see that I'm surprised hasn't happened (yet?) are pregnant portraits of the Inyouchuu girls. Would be so cute to see that... maybe have some tentacles coming up from the ground around them too.

    I imagine with the longer wait for Shoku 2.0 they've gotta do new portraits again. Plus Ouka and Kikuka have been the same since Kyou! So that got recycled three times, though they were perfect. I'm ready for new ones. I think I like Mikoto's look the most in Kyou/Goku with the shorter hair and perkier stance, but Sui and Takeru looked best in Remake. I guess Rinko's only had one portrait too so far and I'm sure we'll see more of her for some new stuff.
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