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  • Oh I could figure that out.
    But as for the artbook, I'd like to get a second copy so I can then cut the pages out and scan them perfectly. But... I've had my eyes on the auctions and am not seeing it pop up again at all.
    Mind sending me the texts from last page of Chapter 2 and the first page of chapter 3 on the manga? Wanna translate them
    You ever check out Touchable's stuff? Them and Aojiru are the reason why I hate boring skinny tentacle designs. Touchable tentacles are amazing.
    I will have it ready by tomorrow. Already loving the implication that the plaster is used to make her breasts hot and warm.
    If you have any more pages, please send them to me. Hoping to at least have fun with the part where they apply the bugs on Sui
    Do you have the untranslated text for Chapter 2 of Inyouchuu? I would like to take a stab at translating for fun.
    I would leave it as is for now. You can thank Sui being too cute for this sudden change. I feel like it fits, but she would've been a bit subtle.
    Do you have another place where you store pg.5? The one I clicked on the Inyouchuu board says that it has malware
    Same here, been sidetracked by work, and playing SMTIV Apocalypse. I worked backwards though. May I see the introduction?
    Well, I would like to try to translate, but I've been focused on Sui's Breast Expansion scene because I love how much focus it got in the manga. BTW, what have you been doing with the manga?
    I got the PM. Maybe some users are having trouble getting on or something in general. I had to login a few times again lately.
    Ah, stuff from Etsu and the "Aojiru Mix" Etsu artbook.

    Had to change my sig. XD, oh well... that one was even more suggestive than the Kowaku one I guess hehe.
    Hmm, well I have the CG's from the Etsu e-novel. I thought it was on exhentai but I can't find it. I can easily share it if you don't have it:

    I actually do have one notepad file in the folder too with some translation and some Japanese text... no idea what it is though. Maybe BoD did some translating or someone else I forgot. X_X

    It's just a shame it was a website that came out in parts after Etsu released and it was all free, but the site was taken down pretty quickly. I should have tried to save the web pages too. I thought JAHT said it was in the Aojiru 5 Pack or something else now, but I have no idea I guess...
    <3 redheads.

    I'm sure we'll get Inyouchuu 6 sometime. I hope she was popular, can't wait to see her vs Mikoto.

    How about my super suggestive sig? XD
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