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  • I kinda liked Youmu, Reirei, Patchouli and Komachi the most :/ Yuyuko and Sakuya was too overpowered D:
    Sure, do that :P I guess that you're better at it than him then? xD
    Yeah, it almost looks a bit too much though. I'm after the gameplay, not graphics. And the graphics can't change that the gameplay doesn't look as fun as the older fighting games :/ I see... no Reirei for me then D:
    Yeah, I'll probably find it more fun when there's some characters that might be fun to play. Reimu, Marisa and Ichirin in the demo wasn't really my favorite characters. Is that certain character a new one or an old one? That's what sucks the most when new games comes out. Increasing graphics everywhere so it becomes unplayable for some people. Why not just keep the graphics just like the older fighting games?
    I guess you mean the Touhou game since that's the only 13.5 I know about :/ Is the full version out yet? It all depends on which characters you can play as (no spoilers there please, I wanna get depressed when I see them). The gameplay seems... meh... I was used to the other fighting games so it changed alot. It could be worth playing and eventually get good at it, but that would take alot more time than what the other ones did. I guess that I don't like the fact that you are in the air and fight and also that they changed the spellcard system.

    I've only played with each character around 5 times in the demo and I didn't know crap about what I was doing. I spammed a lazor with Marisa and threw punches with Ichirin. I like that they kept Reimu's upward kick :3
    Welp, forgot I didn't reply to your previous message. My bad.

    Yep, Kinect is definitely facepalm-worthy.

    I dunno, they just don't appeal to me. Personal preferences, I suppose. And yeah, I love mythologies too, though Japanese media tends to be silly with the use of mythological characters. For instance, I recall that in a Megaten spinoff -- Demi Kids -- there were Metatron, Gabriel, and other biblical archangels listed as "demons."

    And nope, I didn't try 9 and 10. Lack of consoles aside, I suppose I already got bored of the gameplay too by 8.

    Hmm, I'm not sure either about the grammatical stuff -- I meant to say "[my day] is good. It's summer now, so it's been hot." Or I suppose that kinda means like "it's a hot day over here." I'm actually taking an optional Portuguese course (for the credit, tbh :p), but it's only like 3 sessions (150 minutes) per week.

    And about the Xbox One... I'm not interested, tbh. Leaving aside the not-yet-clear matter about what kind of game library it'll have, the DRM aspect sounds really stupid. Been seeing only discouraging news too -- something like
    I know right. That's about as bad a means of controlling as Kinect. And yeah, it's very inferior compared to the NDS as a fellow Nintendo console.

    Ah, I see. I liked most of the Megaten-related games I've played, but was never a big fan of the system or monsters etc. FE was mostly 6/7/8 for me, iirc. While I like the strong feel of politics, aristocracy, and of course military in the games, the twists are often not strong enough (though perhaps I've just played and read too much of stuff like that).

    O meu dia é bem. Agora é verão e um dia quente. (I'm not sure if that's even a valid way to combine sentences...)
    Haha, I suppose so. In truth, I don't fill so many Wii games desirable. Not to mention that I don't want to even imagine myself playing games with a Wiimote... good thing I can a USB-attached controller with an emulator.

    As for Megaten and Fire Emblem, I kinda lost interest, lol... I suppose I was never a big Megaten much to begin with, but after Devil Survivor and Strange Journey on the DS, I haven't played any other Megaten. Didn't bother with Devil Survivor 2 either. Fire Emblem, I got bored because it eventually started to feel rather... I don't know, monotonic? Repetitive? Similar background plot and characters? Something like that.

    Eh... not much really. Basic greetings, asking basic questions, countries, occupations, colours... yeah, still very basic; can't even freely compose sentences properly yet, lol. Como está? :p
    Still alive. Don't post here much though. Lurking on irc more. How are you?

    It's some sort of JRPG. Action gameplay; sorta hack-and-slash. Actually one of the very few Wii games I've played (besides like Rune Factory stuff). For Pokemon, I've only tried PokePark, and I don't really like it (or, at least, the controls are weird...). And no, not interested in the Wii U―tbh I don't even own a Wii; I wasn't interested, and it only changed when I was made aware of the fact that Rune Factory Oceans (Tides of Destiny in the US version) and Frontier were on the console. So I decided to try out an emu instead, as it'd otherwise be a waste to purchase a console just to play two games...

    Ah, I see. I'm sure you've figured out by now, but I'm a Japanese one. And I've recently started learning Portuguese, though it's going quite slowly. It's quite interesting, but somewhat more complicated (at least in terms of pronunciation) than Spanish, imo.
    Baww. I know that feel. Oh well, you're not alone, bro. <insert mandatory blame-it-all-on-women consolation line>

    I actually just got back to Pandora's Tower (never played much past the opening cinematics before). It's a Wii game; ever played it? I'm like, fuck, how can you make the heroine so lovable and miserable at the same time.

    As for my thesis, I'm going to write some... linguistics stuff. To be precise, something like different uses of a particular sentence structure in the Japanese language. Yeah, boring stuff that nobody's interested in... but then again I'm a literature student :p
    Uh-huh. When would university stop annoying anyone, amirite? Also, your ex, huh? You still hoping to get back together or something? If you don't mind me asking.

    Pokemon TCG... no. TCG was never my thing; my only fondness of TCG stuff was that I liked how TCG cards looked as a kid. But no, I just can't get into it, lol.

    Mine's been pretty so-so. A somewhat boring weekend. And I'm rather free too, now... shortly afterwards I'll have to focus on my thesis and let's see if I suddenly feel like playing & replaying 9001 different games when the time comes -_-
    Wouldn't play RTS on a console anyway. Can't think of playing something like that without a mouse.

    Anyways, how's life?
    I guess tentacles are just too common a fetish... That and you can depict characters getting strangled by nasty feelers without actually exposing their skin or making the image totally explicit (R-18 as opposed to R-15).

    Really? I find the mouse/kb combination much more convenient than a controller for many games. Well, I play action RPGs and (used to) RTS a lot, so probably that's why. If it's for JRPGs or fighting games, I agree that a controller is more convenient. I just wish we could have more JRPGs on PC, but that doesn't seem like it'll happen at all in the next couple aeons.
    Probably. I don't actively seek out and read doujins or anything, though, so I don't know. Besides, I'm a fan of Tsunako (HDN's illustrator), so a doujin's got to have a good artist to impress me. And yeah, there was even an image of Nepgear being strangled by tentacles or cables or whatever in a calendar.

    Oh, really? On the contrary, PC is my favourite gaming utility. The downside, of course, is that it doesn't get the awesome JRPGs consoles like PS3 has, but it's just generally more pleasant to game on PC.
    Well, even in Skyrim and Oblivion, there are mods for various... things. Loli race... school uniforms, swimsuits, animal ears and other fetish equipment... tentacle monsters... slavery and rape system... despite the fact that those games were originally like, what, Western-style action RPGs with NO cutesy. At. All. And very little sex appeal.

    Not that I hate it, no. I've always liked modding games, and loved modular games. As it stands, one of my characters in Skyrim looks like this, and I would not play the game without my mods.

    But I digress. Too much. Meant to say that, actually, it might not have that many mods unless it was made modular. And I doubt Japanese developers would make a modular PC game (it would almost be a wonder for them to actually make a flawless modern PC game at all...). Besides, I'm not sure the developers would like to see their precious Hearts sullied and tainted by us mindless game modders!
    It's better that way. The existence of a single male main character in Neptunia would ruin the entire franchise. As in EVERYTHING. Right from the instalments that have been released to any other instalments planned to be released from now on. Everything, I tell ya.
    Heh, well, on a related topic I do wish they would make an H version for the franchise on PC...
    Ahaha, yeah. I can certainly relate. I'm still studying myself.

    Well, true, but the first was actually still quite battle-like. And only the first. Try to compare the opening songs :< First was Ryuusei no Bifrost; then Kirihirake! Glazie Star; then Kamijigen Fortune Material... of which only Ryuusei no Bifrost wasn't a moe song lol
    Hey Blue. Sorry for the late reply. Been long indeed. I've been busy, though. :| You?

    Ahh nah. Not sure if I'm still interested in HDN after it took a turn for full-moe actually lol...
    Thanks for the friend request Blue!

    I hope to be in your care from now on~ :3

    Liking that Jack Frost profile picture, hee-ho~
    Good afternoon, my dear bluemage. Apparently I'm the only staff left. But the next release will be Hina route. <3 <3 <3
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