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  • Yep, Aigis is cool, but I decided to go with Rise for a while as my avi, and sig. BTW my 3DS friend code is 3609-2432-5393, if you want to add me, I just got Pokémon X
    Thank you <3
    And yeah, 13 days apart, I see.
    Also, I realised I haven't gotten around to replying your last message... will do shortly.
    I can understand, really. What I like may not be the game itself, but mainly the concept of scions (espers in Tactics Advance 2 and Revenant Wings). Sure, the back story (demigods/scions rebelling against gods/Occuria) is cheesy, but the scions themselves are cool (especially fully grown Zodiark). And wasn't the main XIII the one that received the harshest criticism?

    It's very different, though. In Phantasia, Cress had his blushing moments with Mint; in Destiny, Stahn and Rutee had tsundere-ish moments; in Symphonia, Lloyd and Colette were simply cute. But Xillia, the costumes alone are quite telling (compared to Mint, who was a damn priestess!). But I hope so -- Symphonia was one of my favourites due to the Yggdrasil siblings.

    That's bad. They could've at least had online classes which didn't require physical attendance during the strike or something. Hopefully you'll at least have some more holidays in winter, though. (Not that it'll be as fun as summer, of course...)

    Not just M$, actually. Take Nintendo for example. It's still generally badass, but the CEO for the US branch is quite a douche -- I recall him making a very stupid comment about gamers, but I can't remember what it exactly was now. Probably just old company execs who are past their age of glory, lol.

    For starters, the main character is an experienced man, very matured both physically (about 30 or 40) and mentally, also skilled in various fields. It contrasts starkly with your everyday JRPG, whose main character is likely a teenage boy with more guts than skills, more brawn than brain, and balls of steel. Yeah, I don't have most consoles so I play mostly PC. w

    Any plans of vacation or something? Or perhaps you could do with a week-long rest.
    Don't sweat it, man. Actually, even if you'd replied sooner, I wouldn't have replied any sooner myself. Been busy too; finally got more time.

    Maybe that's the keyword. "Try." I can think of a couple reasons why game publishers would be discouraged to try picking up new franchises.

    Sounds like it. The XIII/Fabula Nova Crystalis series seems to get the harshest criticism after XII was dubbed the worst FF ever. (I personally liked the XII/Ivalice Alliance series, though.) Also, making XV an action RPG might be their way out from being accused of making games purely for graphic junkies with little else to compliment. If they'd made it another strategy RPG, people might bash them again for focusing too much on graphics. I think SE itself promised the contrary on E3 or something.

    Probably because western fans like shounen stuff more. Tales kicked off with Phantasia, right? Cress' adventure, his romance with Mint, and his fight against Dhaos was very much shounen. Same with Stahn and Barbatos, especially the ending. Compared to the older games, Xillia leans too much over to the cutesy/fanservice side.

    That's... terribly short. Students often have 2 or even 3 months of summer vacation. Was the strike that long/messed up that it pushed the start of your vacation to August? And here's the book.

    Indeed. The move was, by any sane person's point of view, inconceivable. It doesn't take a visionary and gifted businessman to think that M$ is almost like trying to make itself hated.

    It's very western -- may not be to everyone's taste. And too bad; I'm mainly a PC gamer myself. Especially since I don't have most consoles lol

    Well at least you will have your holidays and a new semester won't (hopefully) start off rough.

    Naaaa, not really!
    Oh, then it isn't that long until it's your birthday ^^ I actually don't drink either xD I might drink something with low alcohol in it like 1 time each half year :/
    Thanks, Blue :3 Now I'm old enough to buy my own booze! *proud Hinode is proud*
    I don't see anything particularly damning or extraordinary with Bayonetta in terms of reputation, so I'm not sure why the other big two wouldn't. Perhaps they're not doing it to just one or two games? That is, they're no longer funding games 'cept for some specific franchises?

    True I guess, say what you want, Final Fantasy has grown so big that I think it's just normal for it to be racing to the bottom now. I usually consider Tales of series more of a niche, though, especially the newer games. /looks at Xillia

    I can totally relate, bro. But what, you don't have your summer vacation yet? It's almost freaking July! Also, I could PM you a scanned copy of the book, though it feels like it was typed using an old typewriter machine so it may not be very pleasant-looking format-wise.

    There was some discussion about it on another site, and someone commented -- which I really agree with -- that Microsoft's move might've very well been little more than an old negotiator's façade. Basically, he suspected that M$ never intended all those crazy restrictions in the first place. But by making demands that initially sounded unreasonable, when they capitulated and withdrew the restrictions, they would look much more reasonable and give a kind of "look, we listen to and understand what you customers want" impression. If you look at the core of it, though, it's still laden with considerable DRM restrictions.

    Actually nothing consistent. Last I played was a bit of Mars War Logs (PC) and a bit of Rune Factory Frontier (Wii), but I've been quite busy to stay concentrated.

    I totally know that feel... the desire to procrastinate even more the moment you get busier. I think it's important, though -- I still manage to game and chat every now and then during busy times to keep myself from getting burnt out.

    Haha, that's common with newbies, lol
    Nintendo being badass as always. Honestly though, it looks more like the kind of game that the Xbox lineage would pick, rather than the Wii lineage. And I think Megaten's already fairly famous in the western world. Take Devil Survivor for example.

    Hmm. The copy I have has like 191 pages for the contents. Might vary depending on the printing edition. It was first published in 1949; it must've been reprinted a hell lot of times. Don't forget that there's also the movie adaptation.

    At least now it seems that they've recognised the errors in their ways. They've felt the backlash, but of course people are still pessimistic about the Xbone. I'm glad many gamers aren't mindless sheep. Halo sucks too! /flees

    For manga, I mostly only read what I translate and very little more. Now that I'm taking a hiatus from scanlations, I practically read no manga. And I dunno honestly, I no longer follow VN translation stuff, lol. Check around VNTLS, maybe?

    Yeah. I mean, well, I would totally, you know, do Alisa.

    Haha, that happens when visitor messages get too long, I guess. Nothing much going on here; I'm procrastinating a bit and gaming a little every now and then while slowly completing my thesis. How about you?
    Those aren't rare. Also notice the tendency that no matter how a game starts out it often drifts to the territory of good vs evil and the celestial beings that represent each side. And Atlus' way of depicting celestial beings is often largely Abrahamitic, even though the names and background stories of the beings are totally fabricated.

    M$ and Sony are just silly at times -- wasn't the first instalment of Bayonetta quite a hit? Also, aiming for a hardcore fanbase while still catering to everyone? Can't help but think it'll provide a super-easy mode coupled with super hard. And yeah, that's true I suppose. SMT has grown into such a wide franchise that's just like Final Fantasy and Atelier in terms of scope.

    Sony sparked the anger of customers too. Totally a dick move.

    Well, with topics about surveillance getting all the attention lately, interest has skyrocketed. It's still one of the best in depicting a dystopian society.

    I reckon M$ would get on the good side of Hollywood if it really succeeded in implementing the camera that watches the watchers. Copyright maximalists would love more DRM, too. But putting aside what M$ actually wants, its execs have been quite silly in running their mouths -- remarks like "just stick to the 360 if you can't afford to always get connected," really?

    Anime was never a primary form of digital entertainment for me, I suppose. Games sustain me more. Also eh, didn't the Steins;Gate fan translation project stop because it was licensed or something? And Sola doesn't have much actually; just a short, rather sad/cute story, but I liked it.

    To be fair, it's not as insensible as many MMORPG costumes. I mean really -- covering your arms and legs in solid plate but exposing your chest and buttcheeks except for thin lines that only covers the most important parts? Wouldn't that only weigh you down whilst providing no protection, making it easier for an enemy to, you know, sneak up on you and... do... things?
    It's not only in games developed by Atlus, but also in games they merely distribute. And I know what you mean. It sometimes feels as if God were a tyrant and Lucifer were the overthrown rightful ruler. I have no problem with befriending demons in a game, but what kinda feels off is that you're like being told that it's the good thing to do!

    Bayonetta 2 is for Wii U and only Wii U? That's weird; I thought Wii and co. were mostly intended for family-friendly games. And wasn't the first game released on PS3? As about SMTxFE, well, both franchises have always catered to Nintendo consoles, so...

    Sony embedded DRMs on its music CDs that would install rootkits (harmful malware that could take control of your computer's innermost workings) on customers' computers. They claimed that it was to prevent copying, but of course it didn't help and instead opened a wide opportunity for actual malicious hackers to abuse.

    As about the reference, my bad, sometimes I just stupidly assume that people would get references just because they pertain to famous franchises. It was a reference to George Orwell's 1984. If you like reading and fancy themes of dystopia, it's a really good read.

    It's probably just for the DRM. Or Microsoft seriously wants to track you. With how they willingly provided backdoors for the NSA, such thoughts have evolved into more than just conspiracy theories.

    I never watched many either when I was still watching them. Let's see. Fate/zero, Steins;Gate (didn't watch those, I'll be honest, but they were based on good franchises), Seitokai no Ichizon, Sola, Nanoha series... what else, I wonder.

    Who isn't captivated by Alissa? Though, I must say, her outfit is just... you know... logically, you wouldn't run, jump, and leap around with such clothes.
    Why thank you for your courtesy my good sir.

    It's almost as if they cherry-picked games that are in line with their 'view'! Like, in Luminous Arc, the final boss is God, the Church is the primary antagonistic organisation, and you cleave through priests, cardinals and an angel before you finally... put an end to God's reign. I mean really!

    You're also right about sympathy for Lucifer and other demons -- I remember in DemiKids the player refers to Lucifer as "Lord Lucifer" and helps him reclaim his overthrown authority. Oh, and let's not forget how in Disgaea you can have an alternative ending sequence where Laharl conquers the Earth. Also, some Megaten games almost feel like they're telling you in a Pokemon-esque way that demons are your friends and thus you must get along with them.

    Ah, I have no interest in Wii U, tbh. Or other Wii incarnations for that matter. I've played some Wii games like Pandora's Tower and Rune Factory Oceans, but only on an emulator. Too few games in the library of the Wii and its successors interest me.

    Yeah, my teacher said so too.

    Obviously Microsoft is the Ingsoc Party that rules Oceania and the Xbone is the telescreen they want placed in people's homes. That's why they're not immediately releasing the console in Japan, because Oceania is intermittently at war with Eastasia. But Orwellian references and conspiracy theories aside, I think they're just in line with Hollywood and its ilk. Made me think that Sony would actually be more likely to implement all that as it also owns a record label (ever heard of the Sony rootkit DRM scandal?) and a movie studio, but it brilliantly took advantage of M$'s blunder and struck right where it hurt.

    Pfft, Kyuubey is cuter than the rest of the girls! Also, I don't think I'm the right person to ask about anime recommendations. I pretty much stopped watching anime in around 2011. Even for the currently airing series, I only know their names because ASL does the songs, lol.
    Ahaha, that wasn't late at all~ On the other hand, me, orz.

    It's not just archangels or other biblical entities either. If I'm not mistaken there are also entities from other mythologies/beliefs that are supposedly deities. Hinduism, for example. But then again, even fairies, unicorns, and other supposedly "good" mythical beings are also classified as "demons." And yes, Atlus must be full of satanists! Look at how their games are very often full of myriads of demons, including as final bosses and even advantages to siding with them.

    Just a matter of taste, I guess, in both gameplay and story. My sister, who's a big fan of the series, constantly talks about it and tries to explain the intricacies of the different games (despite me not recognising over half of the stuff she mentions), but even that can't make me quite interested in them.

    Did I? Yay~ Hmm, I think the matter about "bem" vs. "bom" has been explained to me before... just that I forgot it. orz. Yep, I'm learning Portuguese Portuguese (lol). The teacher is a Portuguese native too. The only difference I'm aware of between Brazilian and Portuguese is estudante vs. estudente :v

    Sadly, it looks true. Besides the DRM and always-on likelihood, the Xbox one looks very much like an Orwellian device. Having a console that basically acts like a media centre in your house... with the ability to count the amount of watchers? Yeah, count me out, man. Not gonna touch that thing with a 10-metre pole. Anyways, with the E3 starting, let's see what other details will be revealed.

    Ah, Madoka. That was one awesome series. Also, Kyuubey is cute <3
    Well, I only had a SNES when I was younger until I got my N64 so I had no choice :3 I didn't have so many games to N64 though... I had Yoshi's Story, Mario 64 and OoT but those was the only games :/ I can't say anything about the Genesis since i've only heard about it but never played it. Now that you name it. I've played Bioshock 2 at my friends house (And yes, I finished it) but I can't say that I actually... shot anything xD The drill was my stuff. Throwing a drill into someones face have never been so satisfying :3

    Yeah... well... you haven't really missed anything. Thanks, I'll keep on spamming my ranged attacks :/ Combos? Screw that... I'll keep comboing in Hisoutensoku.

    Well, you should try it. The first time I played it the 2nd boss was a nightmare. But after 3 or 4 runs I actually learned her pattern and she became easier. I can easily say that it's easier than Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism. At least the 3 stages that's available in the Trial. We'll see which one that's harder when the full game is released. Also, which difficulty did you play on Touhou 11? I guess that this friend of yours is the one who beats you up in Hisoutensoku? xD
    SNES was awesome :/ N64 didn't give me the same feeling though... I did have Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda OoT on it, but it still wasn't the same :/ Lucky you D: I don't even remember why my SNES broke xD Well, you've probably played alot more shooters on the console than I have. I've only played MW2, MW3 and BF3 now and then :3

    I'm currently trying the full Touhou 13.5... let's say that I'm spamming long ranged attacks in Story Mode. If I go melee I simply die.

    I also tried the Touhou 14 trial. I DESPISE the second boss. At first she looked pretty cute and after the battle I promised myself to always hate her. I wasn't sure if you've played the trial or not so I don't wanna spoil anything. I can tell you more about why I hate her if you have played the trial :/
    Things aint gonna be better till late next year (Sep 2014). I am trying to save as much as I can for now, but expenses are expenses, they keep appearing out of nowhere and its draining on my limited funds. I have many things to buy, too little money to spend. This applies for time too, too many things I wanna do but too little time now. I dont pop out here as often now, I do check things when I am free. Sure, 1 more friend to talk to is fine by me.
    Eh, been awhile. Things aint really good. Not at home often nowadays due to national commitments, I also find myself extremely short on time and money every other day. My laptop's all blown up, so I cant vn anymore till I am freed from these stuffs and buy a new CPU.
    I guess that you prefer consoles more then? :P I still miss my old SNES that broke :deadsad: I can't handle controllers when it comes to shooters and fighting games xD
    Well, that's still something :P I play with a keyboard and I'm pretty good at combos :3 I suck with controllers so that could be the reason why xD I usually spam a certain combo with Patchouli :/ The ZZ, <X, >C and v>X deals a decent ammount of damage :3
    Well, he could teach you some combos and stuff and then you'll be equal in knowledge at least. It can't be that fun for him to win all the time :/
    Well, maybe he should try to go easy on you instead of destroying you :P You might learn quicker that way xD
    Melee was so easy to succeed with once in a time :/ Then 13.5 came :|
    Lmao xD I guess that you ragequit after a while then? xD
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