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  • Happy christmas...

    But OMGAL you joined in november, and you must type and post like a cyber or something..whatever that might be. I just couldn't help noticing.
    Merry Christmas to you too ana :)
    Hi there. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a problem (at least the way you brought up the issue doesn't sound like there's a problem with that to me). "Activity last 7 days" is a calculation of your activity for the last 7 days―is there anything weird with it being 100%? I see that you have indeed been posting frequently and probably do a lot more on the forum, so wouldn't that be normal?

    As for the one-month registration period, I was merely emphasising on the fact that you haven't been registered for a month yet, so it could be that the system is unable to calculate properly because you don't meet the required prerequisite. Though, if your activity keeps being steady at 100%, it may be harder to prove if it indeed was a bug or not. (I'm not saying it can't be a bug―it could very possibly be one―but I'll need concrete proof and see whether the problem can be reproduced.)
    Hi anayomex,

    The very fact that you haven't been registered for a month is possibly the cause. It's probably unable to produce accurate calculation because records of your time here have yet to reach 30 days.
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