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    Hi Ruri. Sry for late reply. Merry christmas btw.

    Hmm well I guess I just had a feeling you would find certain things interesting after seeing you around earlier, hence I suspected you might be interested to have something to say as well in the thread I mentioned you in (it turns out it was a bit more then I had suspected even though) Hope you aren't sick anymore.

    No, I've always just been Genkidan on the forums here. And I wasn't even here a few years ago. And unless you changed your display name or had an other user neither was you ^&^ We joined about the same time a certain fateful spring last year though. Take care.
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    Hello there Ruri-con :3 i play in the Amercian servers desu.
    I have many characters too so yeah
    you can try... hasuwa, furano, Zextria, Nhate etc..
  3. And meanwhile, here I am, lurking around Eroge Forums. Orz
  4. So happy that there are still people who remembers me. Q_Q
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    Ruri, I never got to add you back in the days, unfortunately you don't seem so much around anymore. But in case you drop by, you'll hopefully notice this, and hopefully I'll be around as well at the same time.
    You give me a certain feeling.....
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    loool, Im glad u liked it xD
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    Hello to you Ruri~

    I'm just conveying my thoughts... No need to thank me. ^^

    Perhaps, June 8th is a sign of sorts? Could be... could be not~

    I suppose it was a sign if he was online. Quite fortunate for you to chat with Miya's cousin.

    That is pretty true about those who wake from comas especially pertaining to their mental state. I shall hope as well that she becomes fully healthy and strong.

    Hmm... slight conundrum there. It's no wonder you're not losing hope. June 8th has become an important date for you by now isn't it?~

    With your current mindset, it shall be possible. Your physical/mental/emotional/spiritual stability... They are all strong and vigorous in you. You might not break, but you'll surely be exhausted.
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    Bless Miya's cousin and his girlfriend. Even those around him. Very depressing indeed...

    I'm also surprised there was a person such as her who knew about subjects related to yours.

    Regret might be inevitable, but like I mentioned... You're pretty motivated and with your current state of mind, it'll be a bittersweet ending. Still, it's a hopeful beginning.

    Everyone breaks down or becomes unstable... Aya is no different. Your 'adventure' is treacherous and momentous. Please do not harm yourself in any way in which may lead to no return.

    50:50 scale ratio of Belief and Doubt... I suppose most would feel that way. Some feel nervous, anxious, uncertainty, exasperation, disbelief etc.

    To release, to share, or to keep the information... When you feel like, when the time comes... it'll probably happen one way or another.

    See you. Please take care~
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    Visualizing is great for attaining and reaching the goal... Focusing strongly on one image... You must have worked hard to be where you are today.

    Patience is key... Doing all you can... Staying strong... You're doing all you can right now. Have no shame in that~

    Being there for her and for those who need it... Seeking answers and being alive once more. Very difficult and mind-numbing, but with a spirit such as yours... it'll come to be a bittersweet tale.

    You're truly a noble person... Miya is very lucky to have you as a friend~ ^^

    Everyone must rest from time to time... You're no different. Your body is still human. Please do relax, and then you may proceed to keep fighting~
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    I see....
    Well I'm glad to hear that, I would kind of feel bad if I wasted your time with something you wouldn't find interesting..

    Sure sounds tiring...
    Then, good luck~~
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