Your top 10 favorite countries in the world!


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Jan 15, 2012
Hey guys! If you could pick 10 countries you really like (visited or not) whether its because of the culture, people, music, language, cities, nature, ANYTHING! What are they?

Here is mine~ Not in any order.

9.South Korea
My List of Top 10 Countries, which is not in any particular order.
1. Canada (I'm Canadian, ey)
2. Switzerland (Really beautiful there)
3. Australia (Kangaroo petting zoo. Oh yes)
4. Norway (I would love to visit one day)
5. Japan (Would've been a higher rank if there weren't any raping or molestation)
6. South Korea (It gets rather cold, but all in all, it's beautiful)
7. United States of America (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Adventure Time. 'nuff said)
8. Costa Rica (Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful)
9. The Philippines (Everyone is so nice and humble there)
10. China (Made in China)
1. Confederate States of America

2. United States of America

3. United Kingdom(Our greatest allies)

4. Germany

5. Japan

6. Russia(AK-47 ftw)

7. Canada

8. Ireland

9. Israel

10. Sealand
Scotland - so I can play airsoft with Scoutthedoggie and his friends.

United States - 2 places: Knob Creek and National Museum of the Marine Corps.

Japan - Akihabara & life-size silicon dolls from 4 Woods

Hong Kong - Pay a visit to my favourite airsoft store, eHobby

Germany - Oktober Fest: Not for all the free beers, but the ladies in their traditional Bavarian dresses.

Philippines - I heard they got working old Humvees for sale there at cheaper price. I love 'em Humvee.

Sweden - I dunno what they got there, but it sound like an interesting place to go. And IKEA too.

New Zealand - I heard that they got some program where visitors can work at the farms and get paid. And you get to drink real fresh milk EVERY morning for free!

Australia - Just like to hear the way they talk, "How do you feel to die, mite!" "Grait!!"

Malaysia - There's still many places around me I haven't visit yet.
In no particular order,

The Netherlands
Hong Kong
The United States
Germany - Oktober Fest: Not for all the free beers, but the ladies in their traditional Bavarian dresses.

Good taste.
Here are mine, In no particular order :3

1. Swizterland, love the panoramic views of the mountains and such <3

2. Japan, Akihabara, Kyoto and Tokyo to name a few. All places I WILL visit!

3. Suriname, I'm born here but moved to the netherlands at a young age with my parents

4. Turkey, Great weather and friendly citizens

5. Maldives, If you like scuba diving and anything related, this is THE place to be!

6. Malaysia, great country in general. Love the cuisine and nature!

7. China, Great Wall of China. Nuff said :3

8. Australia, Koala's and Kangaroo's! Worlds deadliest animals reside here but meh xP

9. Brazil, Rioooo!!

10. Spain, *cough* Lloret de Mar *cough* :x

*note* Apart from Hawaii and Japan, I've visited the countries. My personal opinions :3
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[MENTION=10646]unownHGSS[/MENTION] Snap, your sig gets me.. every time (っ*゚∀゚)っ
By the way I don't think Hawaii is a country (*´ω`) sorry I had to be a dick and point that out (;-人-)
[MENTION=10646]unownHGSS[/MENTION] Snap, your sig gets me.. every time (っ*゚∀゚)っ
By the way I don't think Hawaii is a country (*´ω`) sorry I had to be a dick and point that out (;-人-)

Gets you in a good or bad way xP?
Hawaii isn't a country..MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIEE D:
In that case, Ima change no. 10 to > Spain~
Very good answers!!!! I never heard to Maldives or the country unown was from...but NOW I DO! I'm great at geography too...odd!

Since you all put cool reasons why you like each nation, I will to!

1.Canada - My home, and a beautiful country, nature wise, city wise! Great food, and very multicultural!
2.Switzerland - my Father lived there in the 80's, I've always grown up loving this place, he has many old pictures and things from there! BEAUTIFUL mountains and lakes! Nice flowers and plants too!
3.Japan - Love the culture and cities, but most of all the countryside and small towns!!!! Amazing people (the ones I know online).
4.China - Homeland of my girlfriend, great history and culture!
5.Germany - I'm half German on my fathers side. My grandparents came here after the war. Great culture also, best beer and sausages EVER. I always grew up on the food and traditions my grandparents and father brought onto me!
6.Ukraine - Russia brother, nice towns and city, strange folk music, and great food~!
7.Norway - BEAUTIFUL! I've seen so many pictures of the forest and mountains there, its breathtaking! I'd love to visit, and the culture seems cool too!
8.Ireland - My mothers side is Irish! I love the green fields there! Would love to visit also!
9.South Korea - Great people. my city has a lot of Koreans, and they are all so kind. Like Korean food too~! (a few of my Korean friends I know online).
10.Russia - Interesting culture and history!

Never really left Canada! But am going to China next year!
In no particular order,

The Netherlands
Hong Kong
The United States

I'll be honest... I find it amusing that Indonesia manages to sit on your list among those first and second world countries .-.

And Ironically enough, I myself am Indonesian. Yet, I'm the one to be taken by surprise o_o

Oh well, there's mine, in no particular order as well;

-Indonesia - Home sweet home, as they say. Sure things are crappy right now, but it's not like we can't use some more improvements here and there.
-Russia - Probably the only country that can make the arrogants of America dripping with cold sweat beside China, yet always humble.
-Japan - Let's face it... I wouldn't be here posting this if it weren't because of them xD
-Singapore - Small country with no military power... but Singapore packs a lot of economic punch (?).
-France - The cuisine, the art, and... the language, which is an art by itself! Oh the romance~~
-South Korea - The girl and boybands. Not that I like 'em but the Korean Wave brought about a new trend of music in my place. Well, at least I think it's better than brokenheart and love-begging pop songs that reigned before it...

...Those are the six with my own legitimate reasons. If I have to choose another four...

Are the above legit? Find out yourself.
...I'd hit it, regardless.
-North Korea - They don't have electricity. No, I don't "like" them out of sarcasm. Think about it; one country without electricity means one country worth less of electrical pollution for the world! :D
-Greece - Amidst the global sentiment toward this particular country, they supplied your favorite Greek mythology. God of War, Persona... name games that uses Greek myth in it. Those wouldn't exist without Greece!
-And finally, the Egypt - Their lores and tales never gets old.

...That's it, I think .-.
[MENTION=10646]unownHGSS[/MENTION] Hawaii is one of the 50 states~
Hmm no order either
USA- Its a big place :/ Hard to not find something to like~
China- Great Wall of China was fun... enough...
Japan- Of course~
Hong Kong- Relatives and stuff here~
Not sure what else...
European countries would be nice~ Wants to visit France and Italy for the art and culture~ Stonehenge wherever it is xD etc~
Hmm tropical rainforests would be nice too...
I guess easter island would be nice and central american countries where the mayans and other were...
Caribbean islands would be nice...
Well idk where most of this stuff is besides a general location xD
[MENTION=29]Neo-Exile[/MENTION] I have Indonesian heritage ε(*´・∀・`)з
So I visit every once a few years because I have some family living in Indonesia, so that's why it's in my list (●ゝω・)
Hmm... favorite...

U.S.A. - love and hate relationship
Japan - mostly for Comiket and to stalk my favorite music artists... xD
China - mostly to learn more about the history of the Dynasties... and to visit Taiwan~
North/South Korea - for the culture, music, and technology
Great Britain - most of my favorite authors come from there
France - for the art and food
Italy - also for the art and food :3
India - for some spiritual practice
Australia - just seems like a neat place to go to relax
Greece - read all that mythology... xD
1. Japan
2. USA
3. South Korea
4. Hong Kong
5. China
6. Taiwan
7. New Zealand
8. Australia
9. Canada
10. United Kingdom
1. Indonesia..Mah own country, tough it's hot here:toohot:

2. Japan......for the culture
3. USA......Hollywood, babes in bikini:P
4. Swiss....i'd like go to alpen for once
5. Saudi Arabia
6., Venesia...
7. Palestine..Jerussalem
8. Finland
9. Spain
10. UK....i want to meet hell i can:P
1. Indonesia : My homeland...
2. Japan : My 2nd homeland... and the technology, food, plus the mythology and history..
3. Germany : The technology and the machinery... and the history...
4. Russia : The history and the scenery..
5. China : The history, the culture, and... Don't ask..
6. North Korea : The history, the military and.. another don't ask..
7. Cuba : The cigars... The history, and another... Don't ask...
8. Italy : The arts, history, towns, and foods..
9. Greece : The history and mythology..
10. Norway : The mythology...
1.United Arab Emirates UAE Home,Taxless Country,Dubai The Supremely Best City In The World,The Biggest Mall In The World Dubai Mall,The Magnificent Burj Al-Arab,The Magnificent Burj Al-Khalifa

2.Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia KSA The Mother Of All The Arabic & Islamic Nations,The Birthplace Of The First Pure Blooded Arabs,Custodian Of The 2 Greatest Holy Mosque's In The World.

3.Qatar Pure Native Arab Continent

4.Kuwait Pure Native Arab Continent The Supreme Country With The Highest Most Expensive Currency In The World,No Other Country Will Ever Beat Kuwait

5.Singapore My 2nd Home,Mini Japan,Love It Endlessly,Clean One Of The Safest Countries In The World,Security Is Tight,Strictness,Law And Order

6.Egypt Pure Native Arab Continent,The Historical Once Famed Land Of The Mighty Pharaohs

7.Jordan Pure Native Arab Continent

8.Japan Supreme Country Love Everything It Has To Offer Especially It's Anime Eroge Hentai,It's Figurines,Shrine Maidens(Miko),Culture Wise And Technology Wise

9.Iceland Love The Icy Snowy Country

10.Bahrain Pure Native Arab Continent
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