You do when you fall in love?

That's what makes PowerPuff Girls...

Hmn.. Sweet moments, like going to school together, sharing an ice cream, going to a festival together, taking care of her when she is sick and the opposite, and much more....
That's the definition of sweet moments to me
If you think that's a good time for both of you then.. Yes...
Sometimes even S&M Play can also defined as sweet moments, depends on the person...
heee~ SM is sweet? mmmh~


to each his own~

i am speechless~ speechless~ thats how you make me feel xD
So a thread about love turns in to a tentacle rape debauchery corner... Ingenious.
mmh 15 bishoujo whatever island xD

mmh.. the air seems more salty though~
It still falls to the tentacle category as it was used to gape and harass. XD
Salty? /me sprinkles salt around~ Thatll be bad for the vines or any plant really xD
She's into bondage and humiliation though o -o

Sammy always being pure and innocent. I wonder what keeps you so. Ahahahaha XD
Love is...

A troublesome and growing feeling.
^how much :XD:

nobody around that i want to fall in love with~

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