I usually run anywhere from 128-148 ping myself, though once long ago I actually got 90 or so. It's exceedingly rare for me to actually have below 100 ping given that most games have the closest servers in Japan or Singapore. Only in Eternal Return:Black Survival have I gotten 70 ping thanks to being part of the Hong Kong server instead, which I understand a lot of Australians use VPNs to access.

Acquaints are still useful for me since if I'm lucky I might get a 5* weapon out of it; given I'm dead set against pulling on the weapon banner the only time I'll ever see a 5* weapon will be through the standard banner, even if they're largely outdated compared to all the recent weapons. If I can pull a Harp I'd gladly have Ganyu use it.

Currently Sayu is just 50/60 so even if I went for the correct 4 VV setup she'd hardly make much of a difference despite my wishes otherwise. As for Mona, I still haven't gotten the hang of her ult, but it's likely her low levels also make it difficult to actually see any difference in damage. I'm still keeping her on Solar Pearl for the time being.

Too bad character swaps are server side... it sucks when ping spikes and I just cant swap, especially since end game is basically just time trials =w=

Same, weapon banner is only for whales because of how they set up the double 5 star weapons... Literally needs to save enough for three 5 stars to guarantee any weapon xx I'll just take the weapons that standard banner tosses me...

Sayu seems like she would be great for shield breaking since she can apply element and swirl said element really fast :3 Oh, mona ult is best used in a freeze comp if you can manage that~ It's just a 50% damage boost to attacks that hit targets marked by her omen as far as I know, and freezing targets causes the omen to last longer xD
I certainly had those times where my lines goes dead for a bit and I go from concerned to annoyed trying to swap, heh. Though sometimes I think there's an internal cooldown that interferes with quickswapping and using abilities; many a time I try to swap to Beidou for countering but the game doesn't register my E and she gets sent flying. Same for trying to swap from Mona to Ayaka and vice versa while dashing, but I think that's because they're considered locked in while popping out unlike other characters who can be quickswapped while in the middle of their dashes. (But that last one's a different thing I guess.)

Occasionally I do think about trying a bit on the weapon banner, like maybe a 10 pull to see what 4* I get. This time around the upcoming weapon banner doesn't inspire much confidence in Reddit circles, I hear.

Haven't used her much except as a taxi during my runs, though the few times I do use her in overworld she scored 3k criticals with her E. She's now around 70 waiting for gems to ascend; I put Ayaka, Diluc, and her on hold since Raiden's out tomorrow with Sara. Got 200+ wits, 1.9 million, and dozens of talent books ready for them. Just need to access the islands for their ascension materials. Parked myself on the far western edge of Inazuma so I can load into the all new Watatsumi island when I can log in again.

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