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Oct 18, 2011
Sorry there may not be much of a story... Trying to finish my main game..~ Itll be somewhat tied to angel beats~ Perhaps I'll flesh out the story more in that game to explain the events here~ Things may change as I develop this~

You have an oddly vivid dream where you had died and woke in the afterlife. You fought alongside a rebellious group with the goal of defeating god. They never truly made progress but at least they enjoyed their time together. It was a life much happier than the cruel life you had lived before... but sadly it was a dream. Or was it?

~Game Start~
You wake expecting the same dreary ceiling that you always saw in the morning, to continue that monotonous life without hope of reprieve. Yet, the ceiling looked different today. Stalactites pointed at you and turquoise light created an effect resembling your imagination for those under the sea. You hear movement coming from nearby and take a quick look around. Others lay unconscious near you, with some beginning to stir. They look familiar although you can't remember from where. You also notice a column of crystal in the center of the room. The ground around the crystal is darkened and seems to be formed of a black mineral. It seems to be the source of the light. Smaller crystals extend from the main structure and easily slips out with a small spark. You hear a rhythmic beat coming from the crystal, oddly familiar to you.

Two downward sloping tunnels connect to the chamber, somewhat like mine shafts. Beams support the walls and ceiling, some slanted or breaking. Small pieces of crystal were embedded within the walls and give off a little light. Walking further into the tunnels you can see that they lead to dead ends. A small niche sits in the wall at both ends, slightly larger than your crystal. Comparing the two niches, they are both shades of grey but one is a tint of blue while the other a tint of green.

The tunnels have been opened.

~Day 1~

~Day 1 Night~
The light of the crystal column dims as the night draws near. The pieces of crystal within the cavern walls mirror the dimming and eventually go out.

~Day 2~
The light of the crystals return and everyone wakes. You check around for a while and everyone seems to be (mostly) alright.

~Day 2 Night~
The night comes again with the tunnels turning dark. Some people sleep and others decide to wander the night.

~Day 3 Morning~
The sun rises and the light returns. It was a morning like any other, but something felt amiss so people checked around. There were some that were busy and didn't talk for long, but one person never responded.

~Day 3 Afternoon~
The light brightens as afternoon nears. No one seemed to be in the mood to point fingers, so there was no accusations this morning.

~Day 3 Night~
The velvety darkness flows through the caverns again.
This masked ball, I wonder who would attend.

~Day 4 Morning~
The changing phases,
The faces of a clock,
Time flows on,
Tick tock, tick tock.

~Day 4 Afternoon~
The light of the crystals flows through the caverns. A beautiful light which almost makes one think of peace... almost...

~Day 4 Night~
Tirelessly we wander,
Within the darkness,
Seeking the aid,
That will never come.

~Day 5 Morning~
A shining light from the jewel in the sky.
Brighter than all the rest.

~Day 5 Afternoon~
These twisted paths through the darkness. Which one leads to the true light?

~Day 5 Night~
The cracked fountain with murky water.
Dying plants upon the ground.
Who would ever go near?
This land twisted by dark.

~Day 6 Morning~
The light brings along little change. A couple startled but little else.

~Day 6 Afternoon~
The small light within the darkness, shining brighter than the rest.
Yet, what is it compared to the engulfing shadow?
The frail little flame, holding back what little it could.

~Night 6~
This cleansing darkness,
Perhaps it will wash away,
All the misery of the day.

~Day 7 Morning~
The light of the crystals filling the halls, don't they seem a bit brighter today?

~Day 7 Afternoon~
Tick tock tick tock,
Time moves on,
Follow the clock.

~Day 7 Night~
And so the world continues to turn.

~Day 8 Morning~
It took six to create the seal and will take six for it to break~

~Day 8 Afternoon~
The lonely firefly wandering about,
Searching for the others,
Yet rejected without a second though,
Was it the unusual glow?

~Day 8 Night~
Once there was a story of two,
Sad souls which looked to each other for comfort,
Together they enjoyed a time of happiness,
Until one disappeared,
Heart overflowing,
Leaving the other all alone,

~Day 9 Morning~
And the darkness claims another.

~Day 9 Afternoon~
The unheard plea from the past,
swallowed by the darkness.

~Day 9 Night~
Darkness encroaches upon the temple of light,
Shattering and scattering,
Leaving the remains in blight.

~Day 10 Morning~
After a long night, the brilliant dawn appears on the horizon. The sun's dazzling rays show the remnants of the night's carnage. A display unmatched within memory.

~Day 10 Afternoon~
The echoes of times past, caught within the timeless.
Their flowing voices filling the air, memories sealed away.

~Day 10 Night~
A silence fills the cavern,
As the last giant falls,
A cackling madness follows,
Its echoes through the halls.

~Day 11 Morning~
The walls crumble,
Pieces breaking away,
This place once serene,
Now in disordered decay.

~Day 11 Afternoon~
This black chain constricting the soul,
Holding together the fragile pieces,
Trying to keep it as a whole.

~Day 11 Night~
Light trapped within the darkness of night.
Waiting for the wanderer who would set them free.

~Day 12 Morning~
A splash of red upon the front steps,
Small rivers trickling into the ground,
This stain upon the creaking gates,
Made while others slept the night away.

~Day 12 Afternoon~
The bright light of the day,
In sharp contrast with the darkening nights,
But having reached their smallest point,
The shadows can only get deeper.

~Day 12 Night~
Crush the doors of the sealed room
Where the guardian lies
Shine light upon the empty tomb
Where those before
Met their untimely demise

~Day 13 Morning~
The past and future mingles,
The hourglass refuses to flow,
When would the path open again?
No one seems to know.

~Day 13 Afternoon~
The doors opened to sanctuary,
The adventurers peeking in warily,
This place of gathered oddities,
Drawing closer the peculiarities.

~Day 13 Night~
The mansion seals with the night,
The owner unsure of the wanderers,
Having been cut from the world,
Unable to watch the nightly events,
Of her stolen domain.

"Sooo, shes hiding within her little mansion. I wonder if this is fear." Laughter echoes through the tunnels and slowly fades away.

~Day 14 Morning~
The lonely hunter wanders the tunnels,
Seeking that which was hidden,
Frustrated slashes tear through the darkness,
Until the moon's power fades away.

~Day 14 Afternoon~
The scar of the night expands,
Flowing through the tunnels,
With each day regaining its power,
To reclaim that which had been stolen.

~Day 14 Night~
The hunter sets out,
Searching in the night,
What will be found?
Those dealing with,
This unfortunate plight.

~Day 15 Morning~
Assumptions built upon assumptions,
The massacre in the dark of the night,
Flowing trails on the blood soaked earth,
Where innocents lay with the corrupted.

~Day 15 Afternoon~
Chaos watching from behind the veil,
Within the shadows deep as night,
Well hidden from the glaring sun,
While it was at its highest.

~Day 15 Night~
The stage has been set,
Let the nightly chaos reign,
The keys remaining lost,
Within the bloody red stain.

~Day 16 Morning~
The dark mist sinks into the depths,
As the day arrives,
Taking some,
Leaving others,
When will there be peace?

~Day 16 Afternoon~
The twist remaining from twilight,
These creature normally hidden from sight,
Forced from their domain by light,
To spread their corrupting blight,
Away from the land of eternal night.

~Day 16 Night~
Running, fighting, seeking the truth.
Into the depths in search of the light.

~Day 17 Morning~
The red taint within the crystals,
What might it bring?

~Day 17 Afternoon~
A world built upon misunderstandings,
Each brick an approximation,
What will become,
Of this unstable formation?

~Day 17 night~
Another pillar falls,
Crumbling before the wave,
Essence gathered from the ruins,
The memories recalled.

~Day 18 Morning~
The primary ones fall
With two keys discovered
Now the question goes
Will they be recognized
Or just ignored?

~Day 18 Afternoon~
Specters wander the caverns,
Dancing with the shadows.

~Day 18 Night~
The nightly hunt
Of those gathering
To keep the darkness

~Day 19 Morning~
Fight away this growing chill,
Which seeps into our hearts,
The chaos calms with the rising sun,
Until night when it all restarts~

~Day 19 Afternoon~
A black mist seeps from the earth,
Darkening the time supposedly brightest,
Whispers are heard within the halls,
Telling of time's end.

Application- Send me your application in a pm or on skype.
Image (optional)-
Description- A general description is fine. This may influence your ability.
Color- Primary or secondary (red, blue, yellow, orange, green, or purple). Light dark or neutral. (Ex. Light purple, dark green)
Weapon/Item- You do not start with it.

Everyone will get five energy during the morning phase, ten energy during the afternoon, and five energy during the night. Unused energy will be added to a pool with 50 points possible. There can be overflow energy, but that extra will disappear at the end of the phase.
Civilians will sleep during the night phase unless they have a reason to be up.Civilians will sleep during the night phase unless they have a reason to be up.
Mafia will gain an additional five energy if their first murder attempt fails.
People joining a lynch will gain five energy upon finding the target the first time.
The lynched will also gain five energy during that phase.
Energy drains from a murder attempt, changing location, or whatever else I may consider a move.

A person can go three nights without sleep, but will faint during the fourth day (day and night phase). Fainting halves the chance of waking if attacked.
You have a base 50% chance of waking from noises.
Your remaining energy effects the chance of waking during an attack (5% per energy remaining from that day and 1% from energy remaining in the pool). Energy use will drain from the fresh energy first. The weapon used will also effect the chance of waking (weapon stat total x2).
Others sleeping in the room have a 10% chance of being woken as well. Their remaining energy increases the chance of waking by 2% per energy remaining and 1% per energy in the pool.
Being woken will count towards the three days without sleep.
If you are woken or awake, but do any major actions (use more than three points) then you will count as having napped for the night. Napping means that this night will not count towards the three days without sleep.

At the start of the phase, I will inform you about your surroundings and you can choose what to do. If you are using pm, you may want to attach a move to your other actions within the area to speed up the process. You can finish your actions or change your move if something happens.
Assuming the way is open, you can look into neighboring areas.
Passages may randomly close every phase (25% chance).
You may want to do something to help you remember where you've been~

Combat will be done using a simple system. You can either choose fight or flight. Ill update your status after the turn and see if you want to do anything different. I would expect around two turns to be enough to end a battle at the start.
All weapons are relatively equal with heavier weapons generally having higher damage output, but slower attack speed.
You can also choose to attack with two weapons (punch them if all else fails?). The attack speed will be determined by the slower weapon.
If you have a shield then you have the option to block (5% per point). Weapons can also block but they are less effective (3% per weight unit). It can only block a limited amount of damage before it needs repairs. It becomes less effective when broken (1/3 block chance).
Armor is a layer of protection that decreases the damage you take (5% per point). It can only block a limited amount of damage before it needs repairs. It becomes less effective when broken (1% per point).
Running from the area will leave the runner exposed to attacks for a time determined by his/her movement speed. The number of attacks that land will be determined by the pursuer's movement and attack speed. If the runner successfully escapes the area, the pursuer can choose to follow the runner to continue their assault. The pursuer's movement speed influences the amount of time he/she will have to attack in the next area.
The initiator of combat will determine the distance of the players from each other.
Areas count as 30 units long (normally).
Moving during combat will lower your accuracy, but give a chance to dodge (aka lower their accuracy). It halves your speed, but will allow you to block attacks as you move.
Turns in a battle will count as 15 seconds (or time units anyway).
Fights started at night will continue through the day if it is not finished at night. Players will get 12 hrs to respond to the move or else the opponent will get a free attack. If you have a plan then that will be used instead.
The first strike determines the start of the battle turn. If there is a party which decides to run then there will be no first strike. The first strike of each individual will not take attack speed into account.
Overkill damage will carry over to the next enemy within range.
The time it takes to switch/pick up weapons is 1/4 of the weight or 0.5s. Some weapons may not have a switch time (like gauntlets).

Examine weapons to find out their stats
Power- The damage dealt by an attack.
Accuracy- The chance of an attack landing. Having excess accuracy (over 100%) counts towards the attack getting through resistance and block chance of the opponent (lower 2.5% per point over).
Range- The length of the weapon or distance a projectile can fire. This determines first strike of a battle. Different equipment has different range multipliers. You can attack from two areas (one area in between) away if your range allows.
Speed- The speed at which a weapon attacks. At level 10, a weapon will attack at the rate of one strike every three seconds.
Weight- Heavier weapons are somewhat more powerful but also slows you down. Generally, every weight unit adds a point to a weapon stat and a point of durability.
Durability- The damage that a piece of equipment can block before breaking. Generally raises with weight.
For stats where I have a / between two numbers. The first number is the level and the second number is the actual stat.

~Armor and Shields~
Armor reduces the damage taken by a set percentage. Its full reduction will be applied on every hit until its durability wears out. It will only reduce 1/5 of the normal percentage afterwards. The reduction of broken armor cannot surpass 25%.
Shields give a chance to block by a set percentage. Shields will absorb 100% of the damage until it breaks. Upon breaking, 50% of the damage not absorbed will be diffused. Block chance lowers to 3/10 of the normal chance and will only block 50% of damage. Broken block chance will cannot surpass 50%.
Broken weapons can potentially have the block chance and resistance of a shield.
For every point of weight, there is an increase of +1 durability with 1 point (0.5) randomly distributed.
The / between the numbers of resistance and block chance indicate normal/broken percentage.

~Player stats~
The base health is 10 and it raises by 1 every phase.
The base movement speed is level 4. Every level increases carrying capacity by 5. It also increases the steps taken per second in a battle by 0.5 with 1 as base (aka level 4 has 1+3(0.5)= 2.5 steps per second). Every 5 points of weight will lower movement speed by one level (ex. with starting speed/capacity- level 4 0-5/20, level 3 6-10/20, level 2 11-15/20, level 1 16-20/20).
Something to think about- As most normal tunnel segments are 30 units long, a person with level 1/1 speed would take two turns of a battle (15 sec each) to walk through a tunnel while a person with level 3/2 speed would take one turn.

Players gain 1 health and 1 stat point per phase.
When allocating the point-
Health will increase by 1 per level. You will also heal 25% more and regenerate 10% more.
Weapon stats raises half a point per level with the exception of range which raises a full point for ranged weapons. Alternatively it could raise a full point and lower another by half, different stats have different limitations. +1 power -0.5 attack speed, +1 attack speed -0.5 accuracy, +1 accuracy -0.5/1 range, +1/2 range -0.5 power.
Defense will raise durability of equipment by 0.5 per level. Block and resistance will raise by 2.5% for shields and armor and 1.5% for weapons. The chance will decrease to 1% and 0.5% when the equipment is broken. You will also repair 25% more durability with the proper tools.
Movement speed/capacity raises a quarter of a point per level. Every point will give 0.25 more speed and one carrying capacity until the fourth point where you get two.
Energy raises a point per level. You will gain 10% more energy every phase and your capacity increases by 5.

Weapon speed will neither increase past 10.5/2.5 nor lower past -2/15. It is possible to pass the speed cap and have excess speed which counters any possible losses in speed.
You can raise accuracy past 100% to counter possible losses in accuracy. Accuracy will not lower past 5% under normal circumstances.
Attack power will not lower past 0.5

~Enchanting Equipment~
Weapons gain stats in the same way as players. Every enchantment will give 1 stat point towards a random weapon stat. Their effects stack with any stats gained from leveling. Power, accuracy, speed, and range level at 0.5 per point. Durability levels at 1 per point and block/resist levels at 5% per point. Special equipment may level differently.

~Crystal Enchanting~
Fuse a crystal with a piece of equipment. This costs varying amounts of silver dust depending on the equipment. Normal equipment costs one pouch, rare equipment costs five pouches, special equipment costs ten pouches. Six crystals can be used on a piece of equipment with an additional crystal every five levels over 30 (assuming we get that far). Character items have two slots filled due to the two levels. Using a crystal will extend the level cap of the equipment up to the player's level. They give a bonus for the area corresponding to their color or shade. Sets of colors may add additional effects to weapons. You cannot enchant a second time with a crystal of the same color and shade.

Crystals glow, but cloth would be enough to cover the light.
They can be used to open doors of the same color with no cost to energy.
They can open doors of a different color or shade at the cost of energy (cost increases depending on the differences in color).
You can communicate through them. Sleeping characters have a chance of being woken when called.

If the player was neither the first kill of a mafia or vigilante during the night nor marked for lynching, then every phase the player will have 50% chance to revive until they die permanently. They will lay where they were killed until revival or death. Their death will be determined by the order they were killed. If there were no mafia or vigilante kills during that night phase, then the next killed will die off permanently.

~Dual Wield~
Dual wielding weapons will allow chaining of weapon attacks for 25% quicker attack speed up till 50% of the partner weapon's attack speed. (Ex. A weapon of 8 attack speed will get a 2 attack speed bonus if the partner weapon has at least 4 attack speed. The partner weapon will gain 1 attack speed in this case.) They lose 10% accuracy.
You can slash with both weapons at once while dual wielding. The delay until the next attack will be of both your weapons added and accuracy will be the average of the two.

~Two hand Wield~
Using two hands to wield a weapon will increase weapon power and accuracy by 15% but lower attack speed by 20% (or -2). Ranged weapons will gain an additional 5% range.

~Throwing Weapons~
Throwing a weapon not intended to be a projectile will give +5 range to 10 weight items and +1 range for every point of weight down, but accuracy lowers up to 20% while power and attack speed lower by 10%. You will have to retrieve the weapon again to use it.

~Blocking with Weapons~
A successful block with a weapon would delay your next attack by a quarter of the blocked attack's damage up to double of your attack's speed. They absorb the damage with their durability and a broken weapon would lose 10% (at least 0.5) of every stat. Blocking with the weapon after the initial break will create stacks of 5% losses. Each break will add +1 to the damage required to create the next break. Accuracy can be lowered until 50%, power can be lowered by 50%, range can be lowered until 1, attack speed can be lowered up to 50%.
Blocking with weapons will only be a partial block. Weapons of zero weight (fists) will block 25% damage with 5% more per weight unit. Broken weapons will only block half of the damage.
Focusing purely on blocking will lower the durability loss of that equipment by 10% and raise block chance by 25% of current block chance.
Blocking an attack at the same time as your own will result in a clash. Weapons of the same damage will have a 50/50 chance of overpowering the other. The stronger weapon will gain 5% more per point of power. The loser of the clash will only deal half damage for that attack.

~Dragging items~
An object can be dragged for half weight but it will lower movement speed by half. It will cost one energy per area dragged.

Items which are neither offensive or defensive equipment may fall into the category of accessory. Gauntlets and related items can be used as accessories. Gauntlets (one weight) will replace 10% of your armor durability and give two stacks of 5% which can boost stats on one of your held items. The potential boost can not pass half the stat of the gauntlet (aka a gauntlet with 2 power can only boost a weapon up to +1 power). Accessories of a heavier weight will increase the durability penalty by 5% and give another possible stack per weight unit. One effect that the gauntlet has can also be transferred to the boosted item. Up to two accessories can be used at once, whether they are both gauntlets or another form.

Mafia move at night. They will be allowed one permanent kill per night (it will add up for the following nights if they do not reach their quota).

Vigilante move in the night. They will have specific targets they suspect as mafia. Murders need to have reason. Trying to attack someone without reason will not be allowed. As a group, they can make one permanent kill per night phase. Anyone can be a vigilante.

Any player that was not permanently killed can be revived if they are discovered by a doctor.

The detective can check the inventory of one player every phase. The person they checked will not be aware.

The lynched can be attacked at any point. They do not count towards the permanent kill of the mafia or the vigilante.

With adequate reason, duels can be held between players. You can set the rules for the duel (ex. lower the opponent past 5 health). There will be no deaths from duels (players will just be left at 0.5 heath).

Running will double your movement speed, but you will not be able to block or act until you stop. You will take 10% more damage if you get hit.

Each within the area has 50% chance to detect you while you are moving through. The chance raises to 75% when running and lowers to 25% when walking slowly.

The game works with three phases, morning, afternoon, and evening. Each phase will last a day. Morning phase will be when voting for lynches happens. Afternoon will be when the players try to carry out their lynch. Evening will be when the mafia try to find a target.

The game starts on night phase, the night of the first murder. (May change depending on the number of players. May also be a story murder.)
Mafia will go around and find a victim (multiple murders will result in only the first death being permanent and the others having a chance to revive).
Civilians have a chance of being woken and, assuming they have any moves left over from the day, are allowed to use the remaining moves to retaliate and/or escape. (If you do not respond within the day and did not leave a plan then it will be deemed a successful murder.)
If the mafia fail to kill their victim then they can try and find another.

During the day, the villagers will decide who the mafia are and vote for them. Everyone has one vote. The person voted most will be targeted for lynching. To successfully lynch, at least three people have to be in the same area as the target. Otherwise it will be a fight. Those marked for lynching can be attacked at any point.
Everyone can move around the areas if they wish.
The detective can go around and check the items on one player.
The doctor can also go around and choose to watch one player for the night. If the player under the doctor's care is attacked then he/she will heal them. The doctor can also choose to protect themselves. Unless something happens, he/she will otherwise be assumed asleep.

On the next night phase, the mafia will go around and find another victim.
Vigilante may also wander around at night. They can attempt to kill one a target as long as they have reasons to suspect the target of being mafia. The reasons must be given the day prior to the attempt. If there are multiple vigilante, only the first successful murder will be allowed. The other vigilante murders will result in the opponent possibly reviving.

Moves can be planned ahead of time. I would advise a general plan for certain situations.
Wounds will heal every phase (1 health base). Your remaining energy will increase the health regained (+1 health per point of energy). Night phases will count as five energy, even for those asleep.

Mafia Objective- eliminate all villagers
This objective is achieved when all the villagers are dead or there are more mafia than civilians alive.

Civilian Objective- eliminate mafia
This objective will be achieved when three days pass without a murder and the mafia are dead.

Shadow boxing- Achieved- 4
I may not be able to nail a shadow to the ground, but I sure as heck can beat it into oblivion.

Deja vu- Achieved- 11
Oddly familiar oddities.

Dispersing the Darkness- 8

Spice of Life (and Death)- Youmu

Sanctuary- 10

Shot in the Dark

False Victory
Have one of the main objectives completed... until you find out it wasn't...

Hidden achievements?~
Who knows~

Name: Sova Grace (known as Cap'n Blue Dread by some)
Description: Is a captain of her mighty ship Demencia. Together with her crew she sails across the ocean doing different tasks for government and such. Has bright personality but gives this feel of looking down on you deep inside.

Kururyuu Takeshi


Rounin (Lordless warrior), where he lonely by the meciless world wanders, with his ability some worthless creatures with his Kiridou their poor existence ends, and so his money earns and his ability getting higher increases... He has an questionable live, because he is neither good and evil... But it's revealed, that he an connection to the old clan of spirit warriors had/has...
Name- Dark
Description- A phantom thief that appears within hosts of a lineage, he targets the enchanted artifacts of a his nemesis.
Name: Sephiroth
Description: Sephiroth , A perfect monster born from a human mother but his cells and dna mutated to an Ancient race due to direct exposure of pure cells of an Ancient being (Jenova) while he was yet unborn, turning him into a super human.
Name - Shinra
Image -
Description - A young pilot who was given a second chance to live after being shot down by the invading Empire. He swore to one day defeat those who destroyed his nation "in the name of peace."
Name- Corrupted File


Description- He was once an NPC that clip through the floor, and fell through the world. Falling with no end and clipping through things as he went down slowly began to corrupt the AI that regulated who he was. Eventually he just fell into nothingness. How he stopped falling and now walks among us is unknown... But loss pieces of data break off him from time to time, that he corrects when he has the time.
Name - Youmu Konpaku
Image -
Description - Youmu is a swordswoman who is a master of a two-sword school of kendo. She acts as a teacher and a bodyguard to another family, and serves them tea most of the time.
Description: Judas (Alternatively known as Leon Magnus, pick your poison) is a rather cold and aloof young man. He was known to many as the traitor to a group of people known as the Four Heroes, and only coincidentally earned the name "Judas" from the son of one of the aforementioned heroes unwittingly. In his game, he's extremely quick and proficient with a sword, being able to pull off a number of techniques. He is also capable of casting magic, with his elements being Light, Dark, Earth and Wind.
Family Name: Sian

Given Name: Li

Age: 25

Occupation: Treasure Hunter

Her motto: “If it shines, it’s mine…even the sun!”

Li Sian is a well-known treasure hunter, but only to those seeking any long lost or forbidden item. Due to her long travels, she is perceived as a loner, but can be witty and quick on her feet to make allies. High stamina, fast reflexes, and a keen eye are her main assets to a long life in her trade. Don’t let her big eyes, pretty words, and petite body fool you! She is only well-known to those “seeking treasure” because she “helps” them to steal the treasure for herself!
Name- Takao
Description- Takao is the Mental Model of the Fog Ship: Takao-class Heavy Cruiser. Is rather arrogant, haughty and narcissistic as well as prone to be a bit overdramatic. After she was defeated by I-401, she spent some time around humans, thinking of the ways to improve herself.
Name: B. Battler Ushiromiya
Description: B. Battler speaks in an almost emotionless, slow and calm fashion. He is also incredibly deceptive being able to fake tears and other emotions. He always seems to regret his role when he serves as the culprit, but no one knows if these are his true feelings or just his deception.
Name : Cast
Desc : Cast is a average 16 year old guy that loves games. He's weak on close quarter combat but excels in long range combats and he only relies on how he plans tactically and speed.
Name: Real name unknow. World substitute name: Arch
Age: real age unknown. Perhaps even older than some of the stars. But has now the appearance and body of a relatively

young boy between 24-29 years old.
Calling/purpose: remains to be discovered.

Some unknow vast consciousness that decended down through the realms until reaching the material world. What this

potentially powerfull creature truly is is not know, not even to Arch himself. All past recollections are gone except

vague feelings. Having been contained within a mere mortal body, Arch lost all skills, memories and power, or at least a lot of his controll over them. Whatever

remnant of power there might be left must be either developed from scratch or re-discovered. He is as far as anyone

knows now, just a boy like any other, with a lot of adaption needed for this new and unusual setting. He finds himself facinated by the same things any other boy does his age. With the exception of a strong fire inside making him realize he has a striong drive for some yet unknown purpose.

Only thing he knows for sure is that if he dies, he will rise again. But he doubts thats what he came to do anyway. So

he tries to stay safe until he can hopefully figure out and accomplish what he came for in the first place.
Leon Magnus

Description: A cold-hearted, brooding young prodigy, Leon is the youngest master swordsman to become a captain. He wields a sword & dagger, which he is extremely proficient with. He is also capable of casting magic, with his elements being Light, Dark, Earth and Wind, with a focus on Dark and Earth.

9/15- Weapons or items can be chosen. Might make it more interesting ;p
Characters have abilities. I'll give them out when the game starts.
Explained colors a bit more. You will know the function when the game starts.
Minor corrections... or major depending how you view it.

9/16- Changed number of free rooms you could pass per energy. It is now based on movement speed.
Expanded on combat.

9/17- Changed the function of shields and armor.

9/18- Reorganized and added mechanics.

9/20- Partially updated the detective, mafia, and vigilante roles.

9/25- Mass update of everything that I neglected to during the last couple days. Abilities sent (ask if you haven't received one).

9/27- Added a bit more to sleep and misc/healing.
More detail about roles and hint at enchantments.
You can examine weapons and stuff.

9/28- Added stats for throwing a weapon.
Revival chance raised to 25% per phase instead of 10%.
Fainting is for the whole fourth day (morning and night). Basically the same as having slept every day.

9/29- Durability applies to all equipment, but only raises by 0.5.

9/30- Defense also repairs more durability with level.

10/1- Expanded on blocking with weapons.
Changed leveling of range slightly.
Weapon stats explained somewhat.
Shield & armor slightly changed.
Broken shields still block more than broken weapons now.
Change of energy system to improve flow of game. Changes to sleep, movement, combat, weapons, and phases in response (or just alongside).
Player stats added.

10/2- Fights can extend into other phases. You will get 12 hours to respond to the battle before the turn continues.

10/4- Decided to add stuff to achievements. Mostly just for fun.

10/6- Points in health and defense now heals and repairs more. Explained speed. Changed energy since it seemed lackluster. Differentiated more between movement speed and attack speed.
First strike (under combat)
Blocking bonuses
Two hand wield bonuses

10/8- Leveling stats colored for your convenience =/

10/10- Explained first strike somewhat.
Blocking with weapons is partial so weapons wont break as fast.
Explained movement speed.
Forgot to change to +5% range for two hand wield.

10/12- Changes to enchanting.
Dragging stuff

10/14- Thrown weapon range is calculated differently now.
Dual wielders can strike with both weapons at once.

10/19- Energy increases cap.
Energy overflow put in the rules.
A chunk of stuff not in the rules.
Movement finally updated with no energy cost
Combat blocking and overkill.
Blocking with weapons can clash.
Running (may change after I think about it more).

10/20- Block chance of broken equipment is 1/3 instead of 3/10.
Melee weapon range and leveling.

10/22- Armor reduces 1/5 of damage when broken instead of 1/10 (so higher resistance armor will actually make a difference.)
Shh~ Its a secret~

10/25- Weapon switch times.

10/31- Melee weapons get their full ranged bonuses.

11/1- Thrown weapons gain +1 per weight down so lighter weapons actually go further.

11/5- Ranged weapons can attack from two areas away.

11/7- Using less than three points at night will count as a nap.

11/9- Crystal enchantment explained. The limit for crystals raised.

11/10- Dual wield has a negative of 10% accuracy to balance it with the others (which might not be much at all).

11/18- Health increases regeneration by 10%.

11/20- Category of accessories added.

11/23- Realized I was giving broken shields 3/10 block chance (x1.5 per level) so changed the rules to reflect that. I cant seem to remember why I changed it to 1/3.
Broken armor resistance caps at 25%.
Broken shield block chance caps at 50%.

11/27- Two hand wielding lowers at least -2 speed.

11/28- Excess accuracy counters resistance and block chance.
Clarify the / for armors and shields.
Breaking of weapons can stack.

11/30- Breaking weapons further would take more force per break.

12/7- Forgot to add the rules for sneaking around.

12/15- The cake was a lie.

12/22- The accuracy before piercing lowered to 100%.
Block chance and resistance of broken weapons written.
Possible attack delay is capped.

1/18- Raised to 50% revival chance after getting killed.
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I must admit I suck at these kinds of things. I don't find the energy to invest in it to properly get into it mostly. Also I got too much stuff to think about, and I suspect I'm not the best at managing my time :z

I had a oddly dream of a mouse nibbling on my toes while I slept though.
Lol this is a tiny game compared to the one im planning ;p It really shouldnt take up too much time..~

Maybe just apply and play when you can?~
/me is sceptical. Has a issue of getting involved with excessive redundant things.

How tiny ? I'm probably not gonna join anyway, but just curious.
Well this is the closest to the original mafia games as im probably going to get ;p This is sort of testing one undeveloped area of the ten or so in my main game..~
I would expect... maybe an hour or two to decide your moves every two days? Not sure how much in terms of pm =w= Unless you decide to move during the night as well~
You mean I'm supposed to use more than ten minutes. Oh gosh.

Go get your dinner, I think I need that too.
Lol well how long do you think youll take to make moves? It could possibly be ten minutes if you only do a few and then save the rest~ There is benefits in not moving as well... =w= I expect some people to just sit around and try to protect themselves... xD
People take longer than 10 seconds to decide on moves? :shocked: Normally I just choose the first thing that comes to mind after I read what's going on (if I read what's going on ^^;;;; ).

I'll probably sit this one out. Things are getting busier now that my co op program started swinging.
hmm :/

Maybe I could be one of those guys who makes no move then...I'd be a bunny sitting on your shoulder observing how you play.

edit: Hi Pyre. I was just leaving. ittekimsu.

Last edited:
Lol i like making detailed moves but this is going to be a simple game mostly... if youre villager then its either move or stay really.. =w= whatever seems safer.. xD

Hmm more just watching...~ I wonder if i should make a thread just for the game or record everything on the first post...~
Hmm... Nice game of you again Samy, and I'll an shot give - but I'll in few days in the game active be, because I've some stuffs until there, where then... - But I'll of course try out!!!:goodtea:
Sammy, put me down as a maybe.
Depending when this all begins I maybe able to join.
Hey, everyone! ^^

It looks fun, but I must say I still don't understand how those Mafia games work (not that I had put effort into learning, to be honest...). xD

If it's something we can play even not being around too often, I guess I could give it a shot. heheh
Stop blaming me for stuff.
And are there premade characters?
[MENTION=73341]DreamCa7ch3r[/MENTION]; It can be some random character from an anime or something xD A few lines of description is enough~ But if you want then i can make one~

[MENTION=24034]Evac[/MENTION]; Okies adding you then ;p

Another maybe xD Okies~
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If you use exceptional persuading abilities... there is a 0.005% I'll join.

/me shall support and promote from the side
Hmm... what would be exceptional... /me thinks...
Oh yesh an idea..~ /me plots~
Come on. Persuade me.

Just to let you know, a mini MG had me slightly interested already.

It depends on how you sell it.

What is your sale's pitch?

I know you can do it.

... Hmm... this current attempt turned out nothing like what i intended... I guess Ill go write another... xD Ahh that reminds me... I should get to making that thread at some point...~
/me casually :goodtea:

Maa, if no selling, no buying.

Best of luck then Sam~
Nuu im working on it T~T I jut got sidetracked and made the poetry thread since my attempt didnt turn out so well...
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