/me Turns This Into That

/me turns this thread into a dead thread.

It happened so fast, there was no way to stop it!
/me turns jam into tea.
『Wait, but if madtea is tea and tea is coffee... (first post) Then what were we turning into what and how...?:reallyconfused:』 /me turns minds into confused minds...
/me turns confused minds into minds...
Don't think about it, it will just give you headaches :thumbup:

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dragonhearts wrote on Ryzen111's profile.
Hello, Thank you for uploading the previous request. I am collecting the works of サークル 4's Circle. This and This All links are dead. If you have any data, can I ask you to re-upload it?
a46392157 wrote on Ryzen111's profile.
Hi,can you reup this to mexa plz?
dohuni wrote on UFO's profile.
Hello. Could you reupload the version 2.0 of this game? RJ310786 thanks.
DarkSniper wrote on Shine's profile.
Hi Shine,

[190912][Excite engine] RPGでゲーム進行に関わりなくNPCをエッチどころかディープなSMまでしちゃうゲーム [RJ264801]

Could you please Reup the above game?