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I am on it..

who's hosting it?

I have my exam week coming up soon and a borderlands 2 event is starting soon :p

so I can still host it :p

if samwise wants to cohost it with me or will king Seiba co-host it :d [MENTION=26]KingArturia[/MENTION];

my theme will be sao if I host it
but I can't start it unless I get a lot of people :p

I will host it after madeye worst case scenario.
『But I'm busy as well... Hmmmmmmmmm... Samye, I think it'll be better storywise + because others are busy (main reason) you should host this one xD』
Im quite darn busy actually ;p Havent been sleeping well for the last couple weeks =w=
I can still make my game good but I will need assistance as I won't be online all the time unfortunately XD

busy season has begun with everything piling up on me.

but team will be SAO if somebody is interested in co-hosting it with me

pm me and i will you the details of the game and so on

preferably king seiba XD
I think everyone is more busy, making the game more simple, with a few days between each phase would probably be a good course of action.
as simplish as SAO can possibly

its going take some time to get everything set up also this theme may not be possible

unless we have enough people.
『Well, I doubt you'll have not enough players actually...』

『And it is such a good chance to turn your fanfic afterstory into official something...』
So this game has finally come to an end.
Now for the next one to start
And why do you want a cohost?
it makes things a bit easier otherwise it can get a bit messy.

also Its my exam time this week so hence I don't want this game to get chaotic or get stretched out.
Apart of me wouldn't mind cohosting.
Just let me know what it would entail
I am not starting it right away anyways

but I have exams everyother week or assigments.

I won't have the freedom I want til december XD

still gotta work so not really freedom.

anyways sin, I will send you a pm.
Hmm.. [MENTION=13039]MadSova[/MENTION]; Yeah i dont remember if you were in the later parts or maybe earlier parts =w= There was an unrelated part after where i was in a store with relatives and i remember some electrical storm in a bottle thing which was an aquarium/rainforest decoration xD Shake the bottle and some odd stuff comes up then forms a mini storm cloud~ Wants to write that down if i have time =w=

This dream is quite fuzzy at this point, but I'll try to connect what I can. In the dream I was in a game of laser tag and running around a building filled with arcade machines and the such. I think I joined the game late although I'm not really sure. I went around mostly hiding, but got a few people before the game ended. Then I was in a mario like world and no longer using laser guns. I think they shot darts of sorts now and we had life bars. I believe it was two teams of two and I really didn't do that much while my partner was running around shooting everything. The was stacks of mario world like blocks everywhere we could all jump fairly high. Some blocks contained items though I forget what. I was jumping around on a stack of blocks when I saw my parter getting shot at by the other two. One of them were standing at the top of a cliff before my partner and the other was behind him (I think it was a male, but we all wore full body suits so I cant really tell). He ran into a cave and the guy behind him chased. I decided to actually play and chased as well while shooting at my partner's pursuer and got him quite low on health by the time he escaped out of the cave. I expected the person on top of the cliff to come and chase me from behind as well, but he didnt for some reason. I think the arena was two large rooms and two tunnels which conneted the two rooms, though there was some secret rooms as well. I went through the room and into the tunnel to reach the first room again. There was platform off to the side with four large coin shaped buttons and I decided to jump on them. The first made a ring of coins appear I believe, though I can't remember exactly what. The second one sent me into a stage and I ended up in a large room at the end. There was a serpent boss like creature and some other people in the room as well. It was a circular room with circular columns around and everything was made of dark orangish brown stone blocks. There was a hole in the center of the ceiling where I saw the light of the sky. I had two blades at this point and dashed/leapt on the columns to get high towards the serpent's head. The others were shooting at it and distracting it so I could get a good strike at it, but that drew its attention to me. Then it started chasing me as I leapt along, but I somehow got out of the cave. Sova and second had prepared some secret weapon against it (didn't realize it was them till later) and I just had to get the serpent away from them long enough. I ran as far as I could from the opening and then watched as a cyan beam of light blasted through and made rings the sky. Everything around was glowing blue until the laser disappeared and I'm not really sure what happened after, but I think I went to challenge the serpent again. There was a pool of water on the floor now (it was curved downwards) and I was fighting alone. I believe the serpent respawns every so often with various changes. I jumped into the serpent's lair and it burst from the water though I'm fairly sure the pool was not much deeper than a meter at the center. The serpent itself was probably about six meters wide and I'm not sure how long since I don't feel like giving it an estimate. I fought with the serpent and I believe that I somehow defeated it though I'm not sure how. I returned a third time with a hunting party and there was probably around fifteen people ready to overkill the serpent. We were gathered around the opening to its lair and I accidentally dropped my jacket in the hole. With that we also discovered that about ¾ of the room was water since my jacket just floated on top of it all. Only about four of the members here were proficient in fighting in water and I could probably only fight in more shallow water, so very few could chase if it went deeper. We tried various ways to get my jacket without any of us actually going in since that would respawn the serpent, but we ended up respawning it anyway. It was a young serpent this time and didn't seem like it wanted to fight after it poked its head out of the hole, so we pet it and sort of ended it there.
Hmm... that was only about half he size of an actual type up i would say ;p Left out a lot of descriptions if you didnt notice~ :happywhistle:
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