[LPW #5] Smile for Anime Sharing!

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*looks at online user list*

May be iggy?
i am lazy too.
i wanna sleep, got 2 days off school starting tomorrow. i can sleep in~
the lurkers pop-out of nowhere again *pokes him with a hammer*
ah yes btw Happy Healthy new Year to you too Iggy ^^
@ Ignis - BC asking who is going to pop out again so he can say happy new year all at once.
"at day they hide in the shadows and stare at you with their creepy eyes
and when its night they fill the streets and walk around like Zombies on their search for something to do XD"
Ohh yeah I certainly do lurk very much lol.

Hey all and a belated Happy New Year to you too BC ^^
lol, i am waiting for a certain raw episode to surface on youtube so i can watch immediately.

dont ask me aht show, you wouldnt want to know
400 pairs of eyes staring at you *shivers*

Break the most users online again.

@ Terumi - IS?
happy new year :th_095_:

just finished TO Milky Holmes
stuffed with loli now :th_095_:
@ Terumi - didn't pay attention to the time, only know is about wed or thurs
well its tomorrow midnight, which means friday 'morning' here on our timezone. (japan is 1 hour faster if i am not wrong)
theres no new shows this jan that airs on wed ^^
Don't worry, IS will be posted - albeit a few days after release, to make sure we got the best sub group available for it. ^^
The release dates (without time) can be found in the ongoing anime sticky, by the way.
@king - that idea is quite common in VN~

@Terumi - try Rio and KnT 2 already?
Yeah for uploads!
Counting down and hype!

@kou, didnt watched knt s1, so not planning to watch s2

i went 'wtf' throughout the entire first episode of rio. my 'wtf' in this sense, i am not sure myself. ok firstly, as a debut episode, it definitely did not catch my attention. i was eating lunch while watching, only that caught my attention was rio's devilicious body. other than that, the story did not sort of link for me. well, despite all i said, i will most probably continue on the show. now awaiting for tomorrow 'night'
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