LPW#187 The Battle of the Darths

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I can't come up with a good sample sentence that uses the word "sample sentence."
n1 observiering from other end of the exile...:alice_hide:

Edit: Yo old allies...:alice_hi:
I am a person of integrity. Every Sunday I go to the orphanage and donate bacon.
"Mokuzai" refers to raw wood material that is not yet processed, and "zaimoku" refers to wood that is a finished product and can be used immediately.
I'm planning to buy a fully-automatic front loading washing machine with my bonus.
Guess having your own washing machine will save on time going down to the public ones :goodtea:
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To y'all, he's been gone for a while now. Like, for years. When he'll be back? Who knows.

I'm just here to tell you, save your breath.
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the 「Clear Girlー無色透明彼女ー」 has a fix patch was uploaded. could you reupload it plz?
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Hello there. Can you please upload this?


Thanks in advance!
[Request] [RJ01110786]【巨根裏垢Keyくん。】マスクの下が見たい?じゃあ……ここにDMして



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Hi, RJ323169 RJ328721 RJ342268 links are dead, could you please reupload these?