LPW#187 The Battle of the Darths

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One of my shortcomings as a person who dislikes literature is that all I can say is "it was good" when I am asked for my impressions on the novels I've read.
Random music video.

One of Led Zeppelin's best, for a Sunday night.

Apparently, over 130 Russian teenagers committed suicide as a part of a social media game called "Blue Whale."
leggy is just going to get a coffee mansion one day :goodtea: everything is coffee, including the bath
A pool full of coffee and pretty girls...

For me, this is Heaven! :blushhappy:
I decided to make my passion in life to achieve a fusion between Japanese and American traditions.
Steve Martin's not a dog, and I don't post him that often, :innocent:

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Could you upload RJ428404 update ?