[LPW #173] Celebrity Jeopardy!

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Cats are evil. They are brainwashing themselves, claiming themselves as clean animals by having the belief of licking themselves.

Three words. I hate cats :mini_fufufu:
The thing about poison is, every rose has it's thorn.

[MENTION=37707]FinalPyre[/MENTION]; Wear this mask and scare that nasty virus away!

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i like to play and draw
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Hello, dear @Nihonjaki90. Can you please reupload this https://www.anime-sharing.com/threads/121124-yah-yah-doh-taw-ちぃかの-littlewetgirl.1061502/ If posible I'd also love to get other yah-yah-doh stuff you got. Thank you very much.
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