[LPW #124] The Attack On The Titans!

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Dark Angel

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Feb 26, 2013
Welcome to the #124 LPW The Attack On The Titans!


So let's go down with the rules...!

1st. No double posting!
2nd. Post 2077 wins!
3rd. Whoever wins can create a new LPW Or pass the honor to another member!
4th. LPW can now only be won 3 consecutive time and the winner of 3 consecutive wins cannot win the next two upcoming LPW. (4th and 5th)
5th. In the event that Rule number 4 happen, then winner will be picked at random, numbers used will be post from 2 to winning -1 post. (This process will be carried out by a staff)

[MENTION=26]KingArturia[/MENTION]; Please make the honors and make it sticky onegaishimasu!​
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Da won again!? Gratz da and your evil ways.

/me builds a bastion in the new lpw.
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