[LPW #119] Wishing you Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Most people say it's like dealing with the devil and decline it though, for reason I'll never understand. =\
Shin heard franky was going to give neinty % of frank corp's assest to shin and infa.
shin is hallucinating, you should inject one of frank's mind control spiders in your brain they will make you super duper smart and if you buy one you get a whole package for your family and friends. =)
Shin has it in writing that franky is retiring to work on FA and is giving majority control to franky's biggest supporters, shin and nee-chan. The penguin is being demoted and is to be paid in fish.
Shin heard franky was going to give neinty % of frank corp's assest to shin and infa.

So it would be FrankInfaShins Corp? FrankInfShins? FrankInShins?



Wait a minute... This is beginning to sound suspicious...

Is it possible that Shin and Infa are really Frank Corps sleeper agents? :nyanmusu_wtf:
/me burns incenses.

Feels like forever since I've been here.

Hello Frank and all. \o
:full: Uhh... It was yummy the lunch... Oh, welcome back from the exile Gwee!
Your killing methods are also not more the same like earlier Franky...>_y

For gwee it is =w= That temporary siggy has been there since... who knows when..~
...And, ah so... Well, temporary can also 10000000000 years mean, but yeah - Who knows...:bored:
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