How Much Time do You Spend On The Internet?


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Feb 24, 2012
Simple question, and yet, so many results. There are those who don't use the internet for more than 30 minutes, or never use it at all, to those who literally live off the internet.

I go for around 17 - 20 hours a week...roughly 2 - 3 hours a day.

Are you a real life goer, or is the internet where it's at?
I spend about 16 hours on the internet a day. At school and at home. The rest is sleep and breaks.
Only time I use internet is when I download/buy stuff and when I browse forums.
So at most couple of hours a day.
i use internet 18-22hour/day because downloader ^^
but the true reason.. my internet is slow! "oTL...
Hmm i guess 12 hrs on average? xD Maybe more or less depending how crazy im being~
i´m working i use the internet so all the week, exept for sunday (even the internet has to had a free day) i´m online
how to say it...
I use internet all day long
but I don't just spend all my life in front of my PC
because even when I'm not home I never shut down my PC
so, which category I'm in?
Depends... I'm on and off...

I guess on average... 2-6 hours a day... mostly to torrent~
i guess everyday for a good amount even when im away to torrent also xD so like 24 hours until the torrent stops. then a regular day maybe 4 hours :goodtea:
some days 4 to 8 hours and 10 hours other days
Hmm..Depends if I have work/school stuff to do :o
3-8 hrs a day on average
But comp stays on 24/7, due to torrents and such :3
Today I've been connected for 3 hours Aprox!!!!
If I'm up to something I can spend 12 hours~ but If I'm too lazy I just spend 2-3 hours~ :3
Depends What I am doing ATM, Sometimes I just surf the web and lose track of time... then end up being on the computer for 5-6 hours... But on a daily basis... usually 2-3 hours. I can't spend too much time on the computer or else I get bad vertigo :D
I spend time on the internet 10 hours a day and it almost everyday, because to download a game with a large size can not be just a few hours only..
Same opinion as Egozi, but it varies depending on the weather~ :goodtea:
about 6hrs per day...varies on the day ....spends more than 8hrs if i found an interesting manga....:P:P

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