Hello everyone :D

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Aug 6, 2012
Hi everyone I'm new member.

You can call me everything you'd like to :D

Sorry,I'm not strong in English but i'll try to type it correctly ,

nice to meet you
Welcome to Anime Sharing, Les_Paul~!
Enjoy your stay and have fun.

I'm going to name you 'Guitar' because your username is based on a guitar and that guitar is one of my favorites (Besides a Fender, of course) c:
name you anything eh:evillaugh:

hi ......ozzy *cough i mean guitar as dice called you ^^

nice to meet you~

drop by the spam/games section if you'd like~

and hope you enjoy renano's incoming cookies^^
Welcome to Anime sharing i do hope you enjoy you're stay here i know i do :P
Welcome in to the world of AS., Pauly!

Have lot fun with everybody and discovery here your chance.

And happy to take on renanos delicious delicacies. (Just beware, it is rich in calories)
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Welcome to AS Les_paul~

Hmm incoming cookies sounds like some missile... calorie rich bombs xD

Drop by the spam/games if you have time~

Your english is decent~
Hello Nice to meet you!

Thanku Decalcomania For the picture!
hellos les_paul....welcome to AS Forum

don't worry man..mah english not really good either..:hi:
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