Guns or Swords

Guns or Swords

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I choose sword (twin sword) like Glenn from Chrono Cross ^^

Too bad the poll already closed:P
Hm, I'd have to say that I'd prefer to have swords. I've always enjoyed playing characters with swords or dual-wielding. Never was really into guns.

Btw fun fact from my country, until a massacre on a school there was no law what said that you were not allowed to wear swords in public, because there were never crimes with swords lol. But anyway the police and 99% of the population didn't knew I think, and there were some myths about blades with this length are forbidden, but in fact you may have swords (if you are 18 or older) etc, just not more wearing them in public since 2009 I think, except if you are some kind of theatre artist.

How is the law in your country? Are swords allowed, are they prohibited?
Sephiroth's Masamune. Love swords although guns are more effective.
as im more of a fantasy fan swords are the obvious choice for me
and it is cooler to swing a sword than shoot a gun
Swords, of course. In detail, a sword around the size of Saber's Excalibur and / or Link's Master Sword. Two-handed sword like a claymore is also fine.

Katanas require too much care and skill to be used effectively.
I'll take a claymore any day.
You meant this one:
or this one?

haha very nice, something tells me the top one would beat the other. I mean ive seen the claymore anime. Im pretty sure that chick wouldn't survive a direct claymore charge any more than the average half demon claymore weilding crazy chick.
Depends on the setting, the right tools for the right job.

Swords (I'm speaking more of longswords) are more elegant so for aesthetic purposes I'm going with swords, but not as stealthy as a trusty silenced gun as far as modern practicality goes, as I'm pretty sure the blood running off of the huge sword in your hand perhaps might draw some attention as you make your getaway.
I would much prefer swords over guns. I'm a particular fan for daggers myself, but long sword works just as well.
I think a pair of Desert Eagle will be just fine for me :) (since i'm sure not many can deflect a bullet with a sword)
Actually its basically impossible to deflect a bullet unless the sword is just thick but could you really hold the sword when the bullet hits?
Desert Eagle, (7 round in magazine + 1 in chamber)x2 = Not enough when it come to Zombie Apocalypse.
according to my source, sword cant be used for many times, 'cause everytime you slash, theres a blood, bloods makes your sword goes blunt, blunt sword cant be used to slash. unless we maintain it. even so guns need to be maintained too, so that makes no difference.

But i more prefer guns, we can kill someone in long range and doesnt use much energy
You can't go wrong with super sharp carbon steel blades ^_^

Actually its basically impossible to deflect a bullet unless the sword is just thick but could you really hold the sword when the bullet hits?
I love how your signature contradicts your statement XD
I'd like to see a sword block a .50 cal bullet. :D

So in other words, guns.
gun is the best choice on real life situation , maybe Blacktail would be good for Zombie Apocalypse , well i prefer Shotgun or Machine Gun for Primary Weapon
Always good to have a melee weapon in case the gun runs out of bullets if its the zombie apocalypse~ I like swords better but guns work better irl

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