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  • Suddenly lost on what to do with my free time while listening to 絆(House Remix)........
    listening Jinshin no Ran - Kawaguchi Senri for few weeks, need to buy the album ^^
    Fyuhhh, finished most of my work and finally have time to go online again XDD
    what do you think about Otaku that just spend his time wasting his parents money, no work, and always talk like tomorrow will shine brightly for him??

    I likely will give full-force punch to his parents and him

    well i always do a lot to achieve something (like when i want to buy something then i must got part-time work) , its not like money always there for you

    now i'm pissed
    my thorny road where i as musician, student, gamer, VN lover, manga, and work , its likely i will die from exhausted :runhappy:
    maybe after they shutdown all of file-hosting sites what will they do?? its not likely it will end piracy since its too easy to make copy of file or hack the system , maybe they must annihilated DVD, CD, Blu-ray since its the only way they can make a copy :lol:
    File-hosting sites are down because MU Case , well lots of archive that i must download but because of this maybe i must wait for new torrent -_-||
    For ACTA , well even SOPA and PIPA in my country (well totally the same place as SF , Animaksiat and Mufa > same region of time GMT +7, SF on Malay , Animaksiat on Jakarta, Mufa still dunno where he live :XD:) its not covered in news (or maybe not too highlighted) , its sad where my country channels only focused about something that already covered on many channels , its kinda wasting time to watch it over and over
    Currently on vacation , have part-time work , so its harder to online , deadtired :dead:
    Hoahmmm my private time got cut , have to work , and dead tired now :dead: at least i must play some of my VN
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