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  • Wow found someone that just spamming and exactly same words , just copy and paste -_-
    Oh yeah feel free to add me as friend if you want~~ :runhappy:

    at least i know you on some degree
    fyuuhhhh kinda tired, make some new thread, maybe my base is on anime talk, see you on those thread :runhappy:

    oyasumiiiii~~ :sleepmoon:
    Huweee sorry for confusing nick-name , just call me fay , FL-God is from Fayt Leingod actually not because i'm godly :XD: , i'm just like you all that can happy, sad, angry even cry :thumbup:
    Ara thanks for the friend request,nice Panya Ava. =3
    and a proclamation of stalker is kinda~ :3
    well nice to meet you,how should i call you ?.since calling you "God" is... ^^a
    Ehhh evening already??

    Konbanwa Minna-san , hope today is good day for you all ~~~
    Thank you for the friend request :)
    *Gives a free hugs*
    And gratz on 250exp ~ lv 100 will be easy for you :)
    Yattaaaaaa~~~~ got my 250 exp award and currently lvl 5 , kinda wondering how long i become lvl 100 , since i'm not that have much free time , and rarely to post :)

    well just enjoy the process to go there :XD:

    and Ohayou-gozaimasu minna-san~~~
    Start my day with new thread , hope to get along with you all , i'm just normal person who like watch anime and share my feeling :XD:
    Hoahmmmm :bored: , *pick my guitar* ,

    sing "Koreijou nani o ushinaeba kokoro wa yurusareru no
    Dore hodo no itami naraba mou ichido kimi ni aeru
    One more time kisetsu yo utsurowanaide
    One more time fuzake atta jikan yo"

    as always my favorite song :lovestruck:
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