Final Fantasy 7 Remake - TB'S censorship report?! YES!

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Aug 3, 2012
As a pre-teen in the late 90's Final Fantasy 7 was my first PS1 game, it was also my first hentai doujinshi I ever owned. Now having recently played Final Fantasy 7 remake, I thought I’d give my thoughts regarding the censorship and/or changes from a naughty tentacles point of view.

I should point out this is full of light spoilers so don’t read further if you don’t want them.

Tifa - yes they gave Tifa a sports bra but her boobs are still large especially as seen in her blue Don dress.  Very large, but restrained.  Well to be fair a woman with that cup size would definitely want to wear a bra for support (the sag would be real), but especially for martial arts and lets face it 3D models have come a long way. So a sports bra makes sense...BUT Tifa’s sport bra covers more than simply restrains, without a hint of cleavage. So I get it, but its like she's wearing her granny's sporta bra and could have worn a smaller one...or well designed it smaller.

So clearly meant to censor any type of bounce or cleavage.

Per fashion I like her new design especially the new skirt, I wouldn’t mind a modded non-sports bra version when the PC version comes out though! 

Speaking of which, her blue ‘party dress’ worn for Don’s mansion is not the type a woman wears a bra with at all and looks horrible out of place. Not to mention last minute addition.

Aerith -on the flip side its pretty clear she doesn’t wear a there's that!  I like her new dress design personally. Her old dress and design was so 80’s...however is it just me or did she go down a cup size?  Yes she did!

Overall, I felt the girls didn’t get the attention they deserved from “admirers” as Tifa’s bar is always empty and men pass by Aerith without notice, let alone stopping to flirt and buy a flower.  Obviously they didn’t in the original, but it feels like a disservice for two very attractive young women not to be appreciated locally.  I’d loved if you discovered Tifa an underground fan club (you could join - omg and her reaction!) in tribute to all the fans and art shes’ generated over 20 years in real life. 

Ahh.. ideas of a tentacle from another, less political time...

Fun fact no character IN HISTORY has ever had more pornography drawn of her, then Tifa Lockhart.

Kid friendly - lets face it, this game is fairly kid friendly with all blood and heavy cussing removed.  Back when I played the original, I was surprised how much swearing was in the game.  I also suspect what happens to Aerith (in part 2) will be LESS graphic (than in the original game) following this trend (if her fate hasn’t totally changed for the remake of course). I suppose it represents how much our rating standards have changed, what was once acceptable for a T game is no longer.

Don Corneo & his mansion - is a contradiction. On one hand they put effort into crafting Don’s dungeon, including a wooden horses and a table with restraints among other S&M like stuff.  No think about this - somebody was physically scheduled to sit in Square, draw and 3D model that stuff.  More then one person would have been involved. Just for that one room - basically a S&M dungeon where Cloud wakes up having been mistaken for a girl, after being drugged along with two other girls. They could have swapped this room for a empty room filled with wooden crates, and some mats on the floor for the remake. But they didn't.

I’m impressed SE!

The later scene with Don picking between “girls” is awesome and just as sleazy as I could have hoped for.  From their expressions to Don’s clear intentions.  It surprised me just how sleazy he was/they allowed him to be.  GREAT STUFF!

Now I had a few issues too, like when Tifa and Aerith “are given” to the goons - and how the girls strip down in front of them into street clothes.   Or rather didn’t change and just go POOF into them!  Like how does that work? I don't recall a spell that does that. Especially as moments later Cloud has to physically change his clothes in front of Don (who watches eagerly).  I get that was for reaction, the girls moment felt like an unrealistic transition that belongs in an old game (so I guess that didn't change? lol).

Now yes, obviously they couldn’t have Aerith and Tifa strip in front of hungry wolves to change their clothes, but they could have at least allowed you to FIGHT in those party outfits, then changed after.

Overall, I was impressed with Don’s sleazy mansion and how it remained faithful to the original game, wooden horse and all.

Cloud - ok gamers have debated this FOREVER, is Cloud gay?  Nothing wrong with that but is he? Not only have the developers been coy and avoided answering since the game was released, but why Cloud remains alone in Advent Children.  Square highlighted he'd be wearing a dress again, not because it was funny but a natural progression of the story. Yes we picture him with Tifa, but honestly he never showed romantic interest in her or Aerith for that matter - he wanted Tifa to respect him more then anything as a friend. He wanted to protect Aerith, his new friend.

I feel sorry mostly for Tifa, if only she knew!

When I first played the game I took Cloud as an angsty teenager as I was about to become one myself.  Now as I’ve grown older it's become clear Cloud’s not interested in dating, hooking up or having kids. EVER.  He doesn’t even know when he is flirting unintentionally.

I’m very curious to see if they allow you to select a different date again at the golden saucer, will you go for a ride with Barret, Red or if they will make one specific date canon in the following game with Aerith (which would give the most feels considering what happens next).

I think the reason why most of us argue he isn’t gay, is because as straight male I identify him (as straight) when I play the game (as him).   Originally I thought he was in love with Aerith, but loving somebody and BEING in love are to different things. Maybe hes asexual...

Personally if he's not gay, I'd change the canon so he does fall for hard Aerith in the next game and whatever happens (to her) scars him from loving ever again...stating as much. Thats kind of what I had told my pre-teen self about Cloud when I first played this game but boy was I naive.

I mean damn, but those dance moves!

Honeybee Inn
- Ok in the original game it was a brothel of some sort, even as a pre-teen I got that.  In the remake it's basically a
The past steam bath Cloud got piled on by burly men IS gone (but WHY?! it was so defining see above!) and we can’t be a peeping tom overall its completely changed and hence censored/toned down.  Although I’d argue the original left more to the imagination than shown too.

Oh how I wished somebody would have said even in the background something like hey - didn't she used to work there as you pass with Tifa or Aerith...but alas. No. Well at least not officially yet!

Last Red XIII - and his reveal, VASTLY changed from the original. 

When we first met RED, he was about to jump on Aerith’s back in a giant test tube or at least it's what Hojo was going for.  Cross breeding right in front of the player.  Aerith put herself in the perfect position too by turning her and began banging on the glass as the beast approached her from behind.

Sadly for Hojo RED had no such interest in two legged females.  Or at least he says despite being pumped full of aggressive love chemicals in the original game, which was uh sorta implied...with his weird colored eyes in the remake...which a quick pat to the head made go away...because Cetra touch?

Now yes, in the remake Hojo briefly mentions “continuing bloodlines” during a meeting with Shrina top brass, but in such a way (as not) to imply anything more than that.  Certainly not crossbreeding two species, but a momentary nod to old players regardless. Like yes, Hojo is still twisted, but not AS twisted. 

So overall Red's introduction was completely censored and changed. I will never forget the original scene - mostly because it said more about Hojo then anything else and lengths he'd go to for science. Twisted beasty science resulting in nekomimi girls!

Now Hojo is just that oddball science guy working at Shrina, a copy pasted science villian new players won't remember.

THAT SAID holy crap did anybody notice the DETAIL for Red’s new body, especially for his crotch?  Its very clear he is a male dog a male tiger/lion/dog thing.  They definitely made it easier for SFM film makers in the future lol...

Prison Scene - is gone, where did it go? It was there before and now its gone. I'm not sure why they cut this, there was a lot of new content I would have cut to keep this scene. Not only did you learn a lot more about the characters but it felt realistic within the story and the dialog exchanges well...ya.
I assume out of pure logic this was not cut for censoring reasons, why would it be? A jail? There is one minor, so small detail though that could be considered...questionable, that being the interrogations which happen off screen. More so they have become a thing of hentai legend especially with Tifa.

Would they cut these valuable scene because of that? Probably not, I feel like it was a big miss though and they probably cut it for pacing issues. I still miss it though.

Those for me are the big things I looked for when I played. 

Yet some questions go unanswered, like we still don’t know if Aerith sells more than just flowers in back alleys… 

How does Tifa keep such a large bar open in the middle of a sector, if she has no customers buying drinks?  

Will Cloud find his true love when he opens Vincents coffin?

Your thoughts?
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You're right, there is so many things from the original game which were left behind!
When I bougth it, I made my mind: I was going to play a diferent game hahahaha

Still, I love it. The wall with "AVALANCHE" painted on it was very nostalgic. Also the squats mini-game hahahahaha


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