Count to a million

51155 Sammy knows Japanese and Computer Programming? :)
Oh, and I'm tired because it is evening and I just worked for a solid 8 hours. :)
51157 It is mostly studying anyways. If I could hire people to study in my place and I would just magically learn it too, I totally would.
51160 hmm they better not no my thoughts or else theres going to be a problem
51168 Hellos koinkun~ Hmm how odd... i think your name popped up in a random little conversation somewhere the other day and now youre here xD

A continually fluctuating darkness~
51170 Lol you left enough of an impression to not be forgotten ;p

Darkening the world around~
And I see you've worked your way up to #1 poster on the forum, and with more than twice as many posts as the runner-up as well O.o

Can't say I'm all too shocked tho :laughpanda:

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nobis_c wrote on Otokonoko's profile.
Hi, I was wondering if you still have this in your database? The links are ancient and gone at this point. Thanks.
mzxcvb wrote on Shine's profile.
hello,shine could you please re-upload the Ver3.16"IF巫女神さま" ? thank you!!!
Staz wrote on Esan's profile.
Can you reup the mexashare link for this:

(ゲームCG) [catwalkNERO] 敗北の淫獣ハンター・月氷姫レイ ~名門女学生と共に触手の苗床にされる美少女剣士~

The link exceeds the word limit idk why
TasogareHentai wrote on UFO's profile.
Sorry for disturb, but can you please reupload this game? Thanks in advance.
mizuno ai wrote on Otokonoko's profile.
Could you please reupload RJ01005951 ?