Are you afraid of dying?

Die for family,country,or to save another life should be a noble goal to achieve.It would make it easier maybe if you know it will not be forgotten....
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I'm not afraid of dying. However, I do fear a painful death (or pain in general). Also, I'm afraid to put my loved ones through heartbreak.
it would'nt be wise to not fear even a bit the death, but it'll be wrong to fear it that much; you must have the right to fear without feel shame and also not care about it at all;
It's just that life is somehow too much complicated.
Neil tyson degrasse had a great video about this and I strongly agree with his viewpoints
I think the video was called stardust or something? check it out

but no, im not afraid to die
Question: Are you afraid of dying?
Answer: No. That life. I pray God regularly. Ask for life extension.
As for myself,I am not afraid of it.
But I cannot stand it that my family and friends cannot accept the fact I have died one day
Not afraid of dying ... scared, possibly .... frightened, maybe; but "afraid" ...nyahh!
It IS, however, a good way to cut down on expenses and overhead ...


"If it turns out that there IS a God, I don't think that he's evil. I think that the worst you can say
about him is that basically he's an underachiever."

May I strongly recommend Woody Allen's film, "LOVE & DEATH."
We start the process of dying when we start life. But do I fear Death? Nope. Do I fear leaving Loved ones
whome may depend on me when I'm gone Definetely. Theirs a qoute from a movie or song or something? I can't remember?
But It goes, Everyone dies. But not everyone truly lives. But I don't quite remember where its from so?
Yippy Kiyay Motha F@#@%!:eek: Live free and Die Hard!:P
sometimes I do wonder what it would be like in the end and just get a feeling of dread but it passing once I start thinking of something else. It is something that does linger in the back of ones mind after a while.
Not really anymore. I used to be. But life isnt THAT fun. Its kind of just "eh." Sometimes when Im looking forward to something or when life is going particularly well I think to myself, "Well now I cant die for a while." For example when I just start dating someone that I really like I get scared that ill die before I get to properly enjoy it or see what happens.
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Afraid of dying? Not so much, since we all eventually die.

I'm more afraid of how I die.

I would be terrified of being torn apart by a pack of rabid hyenas, for example.

I'm not so afraid of dying in a harem, having mad passionate... well, I better stop here, before it gets NSFW. :evillaugh:
Agh, no. I can't just take and die suddenly. I need to do so much in my life. With my plans... I think no one stop me.
Hello. I'm a shiny pikachu. Long time no logging-in, and writing english.

I'm afraid of death, but it's not a problem for me.
I do what I want to do. I'm so scared when I think about I was dead and I became unable to what I want to do.
but I think it's ok. It means there are many things I should do.
Conversely, it's not a good thing for me not to be afraid of death, and there is nothing I wanna do.
When I die, I will say "I dont want to die! I wanna do it, and this, and...! ". It's ok.
Of course it's the best that I finished all I wanna do before I die.
The sooner I realized that life has no meaning, the faster I was able to enjoy my life having no reason to fear death, since it follows us all and no matter what we do in our lives, it all turns to ashes eventually. So no matter what I want or what I do, everything will be pointless after I die, because I really don't care how the world will continue to live after that, since I am no longer part of it. Maybe it's selfish way to see things, but it is my way nonetheless.

However, that does not mean I don't care what I do in my life. I just don't care about death well enough to fear it anymore, so I just enjoy my life on Earth for as long as it is.
While people will think about this bullshit, we will not reach a new level of development.
I think everyone who answers "no" is at least a little bit dishonest. Or mentally ill or something. There is no way a normal person (whatever "normal" means) wouldn't be afraid at all. It's in our very nature. And it's not cowardly or weak to be afraid of death. If anything, it makes you appreciate life more and try harder to live it in a satisfying way.
Not afraid at all I really am curious about how and when and what if feels like. I would maybe feel scared about the situation if it is not a normal death. I don't want to die in water or space :shinonome_dead:
My question always is: why would you be afraid of something that you know will happen with 100% certainty?

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