Any League of Legends player?


Oct 31, 2010
Hey I play League of Legends EU and is a level 25 summoner! If you know this game and play the EU server, feel free to add me Medaka as a friend! We can play some 3v3 or 5v5 together, currently playing Tryn ;P
Is a RTS game, so if you don't like those kind of game then no. But on the other hand it is very addictive in my opinion if you like RTS games, try it for yourself, is free so all you need to do is to download it
Ohh.. is there any diff with dota?
Cause i heard it from my friends that they're almost the same.
They're technically pretty similar, but that's because they're developed by similar team of people. Having said that I only seen screen shots of DoTA but I haven't played it myself, so I couldn't tell you in detail whether it is EXACTLY the same or not.
Hmm.. faster game pace also.
But i bet you would say dota is boring if you were to play it ^^
Don't know because I never played it ;P But I enjoy LoL and you could give it a go sometime ;P
Haha! Alright, will give it a shot :D
How long have you been playing LoL?
Well about a month now, level 25 which aren't too bad ;P

My name is Medaka, if you want to do some pratice game with me, feel free to tell me your name and I'll add you on friends list and we can have some game together ;P

Avoid double posting.
- Tessu
o_o a month
Okay sure (: Will find some time to play xD
I play in BANLAND! (a.k.a SEA)

Though A garena version is supposed to be up, I probably would stick tto the USA sever. The community there seems decently nice, compared to singapore.

There are alot of ".........." people in the SEA gaming scene.
I am playing the US version, but don't play to much now with school.
I play it every so often but I'm not from the Europe Servers... was in the late beta scenes where Flash Annie was the most feared champion around. I don't really enjoy it with the amount of negative people around the scene but it's interesting to say the least.
I've played on European Server. Level 16 ans I've used the champions Anivia, Tristana and Swain.
I play every now and then, except that i'm just terrible at the game.. The reason I don't play pvp unless I do so with friends.
And I play the NA server even though I'm from europe.
I play on the America servers (US), so yes I do. I forget which level I am, but my summoner name is Zarrasong and my favorite champ is Ahri. :D
I play on US servers for a while before Riot geoblocked our IP and transferred our accounts to the Garena PH servers here.

Summoner Name: Exalpha; Level 30
Ranked Game Rating: 1148 @ 48W-48L (yeah, its quite low)
Normal Game Wins: 548
Champ favorites: None, but I do play alot of Morgana and Caitlin. Its situational.
Played a few games with friends, then I quit because I couldn't take the negative comments that I was receiving. I'm absolutely terrible at RTS games, especially games like League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients, Heroes of Newerth.
Mhm. I often do it alot back in the past but now I shy away from things like that, but if it was directed at me well...
I play on the NA server pretty much ever day. Love the game I've been playing since beta.
I'm always looking for new people to play with. If you wish add me. I go by the same name on there as I do here
i play(ed) the EU server but i didnt really like the game cos you had to be there for a long period constantly D= which i cant do because i go to school. but i have a lot of friends at school who play LoL competitively.. at least i think they are xD
I play League of legends: That said.. LoL is the typef game that compared to DOTA you would say while playing LoL... THAT IS BS! Well thats the way i can explain it atm.... But the bs is what attracks ppl like for me I enjoy ignite when a enemy runs off with like 20 hp I ignite him and there he dies. These are called summoner spells... There are a few more spells to choose from to make the game more fun and stuff... My opinion about the game is: I love LoL im a SO SO player have my good matches and bad matches xD.

I have a few champs i play the most like, Akali, Riven, Irelia, Cho'Gath, Janna, Singed, Ahri, Morgana, Vayne.
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Lol pvp? I used to be the same.. Till i got used to it.. But im the type of person that does better byhimself than with friends... Sorta like Lone-wolf?

MAN all this is making me wanna play!!!!!!!!!!!! Im off to play lolz.
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If you're still looking for players you can try asking [MENTION=27460]Bloodhorn[/MENTION]. I stopped playing but he still plays. Not as much as he used to but rather to get first win of the day nowadays. You'll probably be tested on how good you are if you were to play a game with him. Or you'll have fun trolling with him. Who knows~ :goodtea:

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