Any League of Legends player?

I also play League of Legend on the NA server... with that said I can't play competitively since I already have a fractured right wrist. I only play a few matches at a time when I'm absolutely free otherwise I'm just there for the first win buff before leaving the game again.

As for champions... I still have tons to buy since I only have about 25% of the current champions since they keep on releasing 6.3 ip champions. Lately I've been spending on runes and getting more runes for all my champions overall than spending on champions that I have to spend time to get used to playing at a moderate level. My ping sucks though since I can't use champions that require instant reactions (Sivir's Spell Sheild, Tryndamere Ultimate, TF Pick-A-Card, etc).

Well have fun. If I ever play ranked, I'm usually on solo queue since I haven't tested how VOIP works with my system and I don't even know how to set it up. Plus... I talk too loud since I'm always on the guitar before I had my wrist injury. *Rolls eyes*

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