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Dec 19, 2011
Coolio just founded a facebook page for us anime lovers!!
I'm sure he'll tell you more if you can get a grab out of him.
Please use this site as discussion if you would feel free and like uss!!​

Note: Not Progressing at all..​
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Yay AS is slowly spreading bigger and slowly getting closer to world domination ~
If only i have a facebook now
okay will spread the words , i'm using my "true" identity for facebook though :XD:
Its good that everyone shows interest...
Add me as friend if you want to :p
Robin Lönnerstrand is my name xD
Remember this wanted face,

It's my FB's profile picture.
My earthly name is Noor Iskandar.

Add me, but lemme know that you're from ASF. Made mistake before when I accept people request, I didn't put them in friend's group, and end up not knowing who from where.
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Wow, thanks for your contribution. Do help to spread some more word around AS, maybe some spammers can help too. :D

I think everyone know who King is on FB :P Is a picture of Saber! xD

Anyway, King will definitely spread the good news when he's lurking in LPW!
Its good that everyone shows interest...
Add me as friend if you want to :p
Robin Lönnerstrand is my name xD
I shall Add you... my name... my name.. well. Its Batman >:[
or Andy Nguyen >_> haha
The site is not progressing at all currently...

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