『Mafia Game 8: Your maddest School Life ever starts from here...』

『Nope, 2 corpses were found during this Investigation so it is prolonged.』
Ahhh yes, the wonderful waiting is now over.
I can't wait to see what wonderful disasters will befall everyone ^_^
Phase Change!
Day 8 Night Phase!

Everyone were finishing their evening business and were about to go to sleep when announcement rang signalling the end of the Investigation: [hl-red]『The double Class Trial will start now, everyone get your buttocks to the usual place!』[/hl-red]. And thus everyone already completely tired of this death game unwillingly got to the statue, span the building and boarded the train. The ones present are Hanami (who looked pretty confident with a strange grilling set on her back), Tane (who looked ready to hit anyone bothering her with her bokken), Koshka (who had her baseball bat with her for safety measures but clearly was unwilling to use it), Final (still wearing but a towel, skate-rollers and utility belt filled with different goods), Rin, Sumire and Skull (who were the only ones looking as always), Satori (who had a fire axe with a pillow tied to it), some mysterious girl with pale skin, red eyes wearing this academy's white and black uniform and bed sheets wrapped like a mantle who also has an ancient-looking katana in her hand(pic), and finally a big spiky bloody crystal golem riding on a cow. All of these boarded the train feeling that at least 2 of them are probably not going to return... The train moved through a complete darkness until it reached the arena. This time's arena had being cleanly split in 2 halves: 1 being red and themed after Hell and 1 being white and themed after heaven. Everyone randomly went to their stands and Monoowl spoke: [hl-red]『This time we have trial over 2 corpses again. Now, will someone be kind enough to tell who are this case's victims? And then point whether they were victims of a single murderer or several murderers?』[/hl-red]

Class Trial START!

『Whoever doesn't participate in Class Trial at all, by the end of it will be considered a TV Zombie.』

1. [MENTION=41294]Fear211[/MENTION] ; = Fear = DEAD
2. [MENTION=37707]FinalPyre[/MENTION] ; = Final
3. [MENTION=28026]Asuka Langley[/MENTION] ; = Erza = DEAD
4. [MENTION=8332]samyeung46[/MENTION] ; = Ariya = DEAD

5. [MENTION=40801]Infamous[/MENTION] ; = Tane
6. chiru = Chiru = DEAD
7. ryuta = Yabai = DEAD
8. [MENTION=36528]aexiel[/MENTION] ; = Azuriel = DEAD
9. MokouX13 = Chiaki = DEAD
10. Nazaka = Moetron = DEAD
11. [MENTION=60305]zad38[/MENTION] ; = Bear = DEAD

12. [MENTION=73341]DreamCa7ch3r[/MENTION] ; = Hanami
13. [MENTION=46616]InorixShu[/MENTION] ; = Kuro = DEAD
14. [MENTION=14327]kimovis[/MENTION] ; = Daichi = DEAD

15. [MENTION=32153]DaRk_AnGeL_ZoA[/MENTION] ; = Rin
16. [MENTION=38786]Hinode[/MENTION] ; = Sumire
17. [MENTION=41391]♥ Sky[/MENTION] ; = Sky = DEAD
18. [MENTION=78507]Satori Shinozaki[/MENTION] ; = Satori
19. [MENTION=29827]Ogikumo[/MENTION] ; = Skall
20. [MENTION=78659]marimofluff[/MENTION] ; = Maeve = DEAD
21. [MENTION=67840]pichu655889[/MENTION] ; = Koshka
22. Soul Yamamoto = Ayano = DEAD
23. M1ha1ru = Mikhail = DEAD
24. [MENTION=41987]Sintarow[/MENTION] ; = Sin = DEAD?

『Tag: #MG8
Last edited:
/me browses photobucket~

I actually was wondering about this game just this morning... thought maybe it had faded into obscurity. :X
『I'm currently giving players motives to make them end it within next 4 phases... Of course it all depends on them... Also, I blame players inactivity for the game to last this long >_> Cause I seriously think that it is wrong for me to go around reminding everyone and telling them to play if they don't do it :/』
Also, I blame players inactivity for the game to last this long >_> Cause I seriously think that it is wrong for me to go around reminding everyone and telling them to play if they don't do it :/』

『Sorry for some pretty long pause I made while simply procrastinating and actually not even doing anything of importance.:donefor: But I'm gonna continue the game now so send me your actions ^_^』

hmmmmmm :goodtea:
『Coming from someone who didn't send me anything and on top of that completely ignored me, that line doesn't sound even a little bit convincing. Try again later.』

『Also, forgot a single detail about mysterious girl, I edited the post...』
well i would've sent some action, but i forgot almost everything that has happened. i remember visiting satori in the infirmary, and that someone else(don't know who) was there. that's pretty much it. as for ignoring you, are you talking about when you told me to get on skype and take action? cause that's the only possible instance of ignoring you i can remember
I just forget to make actions, and then it feels like I'm too late to bother anyways (-_-)
『I feel like you've been ignoring me for quite some time actually... Leaving right after I come and say yo, coming back right after I leave, not responding to skype messages, ignoring at that time too...』

『And if you forgot something you can always ask me to remind you >_>』
well you can ask anyone, i've been disappearing a lot after people tell me hi. i've been very random about my posting lately. you can believe me or not, don't really care about peoples opinions of me :runhappy:
『Hm, not like I care about whether you are ignoring me or not either anyway...』
Ah. Two tsunderes. Now kiss and make up.

Actually I can also vouch for infa not being around a lot the last while.
yup. i've been saying hi, then i'd fall asleep for 30 minutes-few hours then show up again lol

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