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  • Good more than decent. But good VNs are getting rarer since everyone all resort to moe without putting effort in writing.
    Heh, everyone lacks time, you just need to squeeze them. I am already short sighted LOL.
    I don't like character archetypes to carry a story which is what most VNs are now. They are boring and turns out mediocre to be honest.
    I like my moe but i appreciate subtle moe more, not the tsun moe and etc that is spoonfed to you lol.
    Play = slack !!!!!

    Finish your backlogs first while waiting for dls.
    lol post too long. Cont

    *takes out knife* San and Konome is mine! Oh well, i can't stop ppl from claiming them but I am known as the biggest San and Konome fan and won the waifu wars in the circle >_>. Jokes aside, the only one who is suited for San and Konome is Saku, nobody deserves them! Everything is just wishful thinking ;_;.
    Out of this month of mediocre titles, Artemis Blue shines with a simple yet unpredictable story with a very solid execution.
    Already started it with other VN members.
    Weaksauce! Play whole day!
    Well, concentration is the key to finish VNs.
    Essential for fapping! I don't do it so skipping them is the wise choice unless they are something like Nitro+ H whr they are important for the plot.

    As much i want ppl to play Itsusora, but i have warned this game is very complicated. You have to finish everything in order to truly to understand what the real story is and what the writer is telling you. The story is like a jigsaw puzzle. Can you take depressing story? You need to bear with the writer trolling you. If you are expecting a lovely and happy story, Shuumon Yuu (writer) isn't writing for you.
    VN pro?pff. Artemis Blue.
    Nah not fast, more like I have good concentration playing VN,
    Every VNs vary, Artemis Blue ain't long, only took 3 days.
    Again it varys, there are lengthy routes and short routes. For artemis blue, may be more than 5 hours.
    Why don't skip when you can save plenty of time and when the H doesn't contribute to the plot?

    P.S. I am not pro!
    I want to learn Japanese too.
    In the first place my mother doesn't allow me to learn T_T (I'm about 16 right now)
    But at present she allow me to learn but I don't know where to learn
    (only learn a little with website)
    Yes!! but I can't play VN of Yuzusoft because I can't read Japanese at all T_T
    (I only understand simple world like sempai oni-chan etc... ^^-)
    Nice to meet you Terumi.The username is qwaser...... I hope to become good acquaintance with you. As a junior member, it is my hope that you, as a senior and respected member of the forum, would guide me through the perils of this place, ultimately having me to become as awesome as you... Yeah anyway i will repeat it again, Nice to meet you Ah Tiong
    Stalker~ Just casual chat, nothing wrong!

    I thought you already decided for March lol. Don't see anything wrong with you picks unless you have other titles on mind?

    As for april, kamidori, rewrite (too loli for you though), Koi dewa naku, Itoshii Kanojo no Mamorikata , delivara. I still haven't finalize on the list yet without Zen and the other opinions on it.
    Answering to your post in LPW about dissidia... I know how to block too. xD It's just that my friend he know every inch of tidus moveset, the exact time he launches an atack, his stance before an atack (but these are easy) and etc. You can't understand playing against him as Tidus until you have played with him. xD
    Anyway.. i know how to block too. '-' (in your post it seemed as if you were implying that i sucked at blocking). xD
    No, it is not like that block/attack game. Action games like FSN, 11eyes where the plot is action centered. They use text, CGs, effects and BGM to show the fights.

    Stories still the most important.

    Feel free to ask about VNs anytime.
    I can't really give you any real opinions on it without playing it.

    The premise for the game looks simple but action games premise are always simple :P. Based from the trial played, the game looks serious with fights but the trial only shows random parts of the game without spoiling much into what we are going to get for the story.

    It is marked as a real vampire ADV which means we won't be getting something like Fortune Arterial. The company is new as well as the artists and writers. There is only one writer that i am familiar with. New company means i can't really predict what we are going to get or how deep. Based on past experience, debut titles mostly fall on average or above average, not masterpieces. Mostly 2nd title by a company is the best and has more potential to become masterpiece as company learns from their mistakes/flaws.
    Hey is your avatar a large image coz if it is
    would you mind giving it to me
    coz I feel like rendering it thanks in advance
    No problem I already added you and your character seems fine. Check out the first post of the RPG thread and make sure all your character listings are there.
    Well um...not really ^^; I just kinda stopped for now. I'll look/wait for english patches later IF they even come out.
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