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  • Ah lol, not to thanking, it was of course...^_^

    And, I see, it sounds nice on, you've a nice mother...:goodtea:
    I haven't been following eroge updates for quite a while and had to look up that title. Pretty sure I recognise the illustrator, though, I just can't recall the name now.
    Nice to hear that you have a full-time job now :) But yeah, working sucks doesn't it wwwww
    Happy bletated B'day Pekie, I do hope that you had a enjoyable day with your beloved ones, have further many successfully and healthy years ahead you^_^!!!
    Saw it by chance, by happy birthday, Pekie!
    Thanks for all the nice things you've given me (and the forum) so far! Hope you'll have a nice year ahead of you :)
    Lol, I don't think you that you're a tsun...xD

    Did checked these icons and well done Pekie, really! And is the ASL sub-page of ASF still open...?

    Ah so...^_^
    Yes, we don't have any special section and we don't force anyone to register, thus we don't have high member counts. In fact, I don't think I would like to have a high member counts ;)
    No, the blog went down in March 2010, The forum was private ever since until we open it to the public in October 16th 2010. Kou and Terumi were among the very first people to join us. Kou is still one of the top 14 poster and Terumi is the top 20 poster. Kou joined around October 31st, 2010 and Terumi around November 3rd, 2010.
    The new forum design will be heavily "modular". It means members will be able to contribute to the design to an extent, and that include the icons. Though it will be the 2nd stage, not right now.

    And yes, AS will have many great new features. Some will be very unique to AS.
    It's definitely the ads banner. That's the reason you cannot see it because the script is not loaded correctly on IE. I have no resolution to this except for me turning off the ads. Unfortunately, I cannot turn off the ads. I'm not sure what to do.
    It's caused by one of the ads banner in the rotation, located in the sidebar. Do you see the ads in the side bar? I want to know what is the ads that are showing errors such to you. Ads are targeted by your location, and your likely hood to click on its (category) hence nobody see the same ads as you do.
    Thx, going to watch some that you recommend...
    Can't wait for next episode of SAO >_<
    Steel Series is good but the click is prone to failure after 6 months from a year of service, you can fix it though (I fixed mine), steel series tracking is the best.

    Razer is... so so, if you have to go for Razer, it's better to buy Logitech.
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