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  • Happy Birth Day!!!

    Wishing The Best For You Pal!! • Got Errands???

    Feel Free To Accept My FRequest........
    I see, maybe you don't have a good pc then if I where to take a wild guess. Not the first time I heard that around here regarding games. Though a lot of the games that costs something are played by ppl for free anyway with a little crack here and a serial there...

    Heh you worry about things like that,..I guess your not the only one around here perhaps, though generally thats not something needed to worry about around here, and it's certainly unnecessary with me ;-) Around here, every body can just lax, 'chill' some and talk about whatever or whenever it suits them basically, if at all.
    In summary, just don't worry about that, maybe, infact you feel that your not that good talking with ppl because you worry about it ;) Just develop some rudeness if you need to haha. I myself just come and go, and I kinda expect others to do the same, unless the situation or context dictates otherwise ofc.

    It might perhaps even be one of the reasons why some ppl love the spam section so much.

    Since you told me about your lunch I feel compelled to share with you what I'm am listening too right now then...Wonder if you like trance:
    haha no worries, it was clear for me what you meant anyway from context :)

    Well I can't judge if you like the same ones I do.

    Ah I've played quite a lot up trough the years, but mostly the other kind of games, like they usually sell on steam and such. Have little to almost none experience with VN.

    I tried Magica in mutliplayer, though I've mostly played more "heavier" type of games. Like DeusEx, Dead Space, at least in the past. In the casual realm I've played some Heroes of Newerth for multiplayer. Ofc a lot more, but would be a long list perhaps. And you might not know about them anyways.

    Now its time for me to go eat some breakfast.
    Daijoubu, I'm not worried :)

    Haven't watched Index, but I think I know which one it is.
    It is a bit hard yeh, I got a short list on my about page on my profile, it's probably easier to show that.
    Come to think of it, wonder if it was that I was looking for something to download that led me here as well. But It as random, and I was just lucky to find AS.

    Oh oki, lol your older siblings forget, now they are the ones that should be sry.

    You think ? hehe thanks, unless your being sarcastic and I'm too dull to realize it haha.

    Whats your favorite anime btw ?
    Ah, though I was thinking about gon since you commented on it , but maybe it just kinda sounds bad :redface:

    Oh so it's like with me then, I don't understand Danish very well, but I can read it, at least reading what you said was just like reading Norwegian.

    I can understand Swedish, so thats understandable, its a lot more similar than Danish.

    Ah, well, I suppose lucky you then for finding this place so "early", unlike me that wondered why I didn't know of this place before....come to thinnk of it, I might already have forgotten how I ended up here in the first place....and thats not something I'd want to forget...but I'll think about that later.

    8th grade, well then I hope you are able to have some fun in school. Its sort of a special time. Unfortunately, it can be a bad time for many. My time wasn't all that fun in school at that time, even though I..and some others made a lot of fun anyways. It was a troublesome period. I do hope at least that the school isn't plagued by bullies and generally ppl that just makes the lives of others sour and bad. Oh and does that mean you would be around ~13 ? sry if I remember it wrong.
    Heh Yeh Gon does sound a bit strange actually, though there is somebody on this forum already nicknamed Sel, but thats not a problem. I wonder if it might hold some meaning in Vietnamese as well ~?

    Oh I'm not afraid, it more about finding enough time to do everything at once...I don't I would even rage, I think I know its hard, and I would be up for that...then beat it like a master xD

    Hmm det høres nesten ut some norsk det jo ^^ Hvis det er slik dansk skrives så er det ganske lett å forstå, men jeg har mye mer problemer med å forstå dansk tale. Sikker på du ikke skrev det på norsk for å gjøre det lettere for meg ?

    Og samme her, hva slags klasse er det du går i\studerer ? Og snakker du tiếng Việt ?

    Sogoi (cool) bet it will turn into Sel, or Gon then ^^ You know some japanese ?

    I was, well I don't know if i was bored on my birthday, but I certainly don't do anything special, I was watching anime alone and posting here on the forum I think. But I haven't done anything special in a long time.

    I never even tried a game I'm afraid.

    I can say for sure, its just that there are so many names different names I've seen and it can be hard sometimes to relate too them all at times. I'm not the kind of persons that forgets other persons...but names is a bit different. If I think about it it might seem vaguely familiar, but thats all I can say...

    Oh rly you remembered my name from way back in that time when you joined ? I'm not very active myself actually, I was more back then, then I've had a long absence, until just recently.

    And I might gradually or "suddenly" be absent once again from the forum maybe in the near future in relation to future events.

    Nice too meet you. Now time for some breakfast for me.
    Hey there Thomas/Selgon, what ever you prefer I should use.

    ...! You got your birthday the 17th, and you joined on the very same day....Mine is may 19th btw. And I live in Norway.

    I never played the Touhou games, but I got into it trough the music. I used to have a big Reimu avatar here on the forum, cause ...Not exactly sure, she seems loving and nice and cool at the same time.

    Hmm I remember back the time when you joined. Then I was celebrating our nations independence day, probably with some sake at that time.

    Mind if we be friends also ? I don't mind being 3rd, seeing as that is among my favorite number...just as long as it's not as a "3rd wheel"
    Thank you for accepting~

    I hope to get along with you~

    Until the, take care~ ^^
    Hello there~

    Is it all right to be friends?... Cookies?... Cake?

    Also, if you wouldn't mind... would you please vote in the 'Most Huggable' thread?

    You can vote up to 4 times and it would be lovely if one of the votes went to Franela.

    Franela is a gentle and considerate person. If you ever meet her, she is nice conversationalist and is a good person.

    I apologize for asking such a thing. It's okay if you don't want to. It's understandable.~

    Thank you for your time. May have a day be filled with more sweet things~ ^^

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