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  • Heee.... nani nani nani nani???
    How do i spell that.. :forsaken:
    Once again really sorry, Exaelia =_=

    And, i must off now.. see you again ^^
    Ha2 you're is a fun person :D

    And of course not because i am are heroine of truth, sailormoon..
    *with a moon power will be punish you* :menft:
    Uhm I have a question for anyone who would like to answer. How do I add people to my group? I'm the only member at the moment. c:
    *Ahaha* I see. Sorry for the late reply. I'm currently writing my review of the works for the Chopstick Hairpiece Contest. Have you had a look at it yet? The work I'd say is pretty good for most of the first timers there and there are a lot of different ideas. If you have yet to vote as well could you give one of your votes to whichever work you like? I'd appreciate it very much!

    Hmm... what I'm bored I usually do light exercises then I proceed to do other things after that. Light exercises help to get you through the day.

    Are you watching any anime or reading any manga at the moment? Its also good for filling time. Just doing little things around the house can help you relieve your boredom. Sometimes even washing the dishes =]
    If you have anything else that you'd like to talk about I'd be happy to listen. If you're still bored I can try entertain you for a while by keeping you company I guess.
    Hmm, Hello there (little guy.) It would be more convincing if you sent me friend invite. :gotidea:

    I know, I'll send it. :hapgirl:

    Know if you don't mind I'd like to know a bit about you. :smug:
    OoOoOooooo~ Hello there Exaelia :XD:
    I dont think we've formally met
    Nice to meet you ~ :bigeyes:
    Hope to see you around the forums nyaa
    Why Thank you ^^
    It's "Rias Germory" from the anime: Highschool DxD.
    as you can already see form the pictures, it's an ecchi anime :3
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